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Little tractors, big boys visit Pomeroy

Lions hold 25th annual toy show

March 1, 2009
By HANS MADSEN, Messenger staff writer

POMEROY - Chris Havican, of Eagle Grove, has a combine and a hay harvester on his farm scene display working their way into two separate fields.

They are both bumper crops of carpeting, which from a distance do look a lot like a field of plants.

He also has a herd of inch-tall cattle, a tractor show featuring a steam powered antique, several buildings full of equipment and on the road going through the display, an errant speeder's bright red sports car being pulled over by the farm scene police.

Article Photos

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Chris Havican, of Eagle Grove, arranges one of the tractors on his farm scene Saturday afternoon during the 25th annual Pomeroy Lions Toy Show in the Pomeroy-Palmer High School. The cattle in the foreground are only about an inch tall.

One of the buildings even has a chute to load the half-inch tall hogs into a truck.

"We built that by hand," he said.

Havican's handiwork, which grew out of his involvement in 4-H as a youth, was on display Saturday at the 25th annual Pomeroy Lions Toy Show in the gym of the Pomeroy-Palmer High School along with collectible tractors for sale by several vendors.

Bill Brian, of Fort Dodge, sells the collectible tractors as a sideline, he attends about eight shows a year where he tries to meet the needs of a variety of collectors.

"I have big ones and little ones, 1/64 to 1/8 scale," he said.

His customers come in as much variety as the models.

"All ages collect now", he said. "From two to 85."

He explained that a lot of collectors are looking for models of equipment they had on the farm and actually used, particularly older farmers who have retired,

"They want something they had when they farmed," he said.

He explained that the models have become much more sophisticated and complex in the last several decades, showing off an Ertl Precision Series tractor that's almost an exact rivet by rivet reproduction of the full-sized original. An older Ertl tractor designed for the children's sandbox, pales in comparison.

Dan Folsom, of Hornick, came to the show to see if there was anything he wanted to add to his collection along with his wife Robin and daughter Charlee, 10.

He has over 200 in his growing collection, or as his wife put it, "Too many to dust."

His hobby began like a lot of other collectors.

"I had all my toys I played with when I was little," he said.

After setting them up, it took on a life of it's own. He now goes to as many toy shows around the state as his real farm's schedule will allow.

Besides the collectible tractors, the show also featured one table of Star Wars collectibles from Pomeroy native Dan DeVore. He has about 2,500 items in his collection and didn't seem to mind being the only space themed table at the show,

"I'm always the oddball," he said before breaking into a big smile.

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