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Harcourt native ministers in Africa

Wittman to offer program Sunday

January 10, 2009
Messenger News

Amber Wittman will talk about her ministry for the past 15 years in Africa during the 11 a.m. service Sunday at Agape Church.

The Rev. Madai Taylor, pastor of Agape Church, said the service is open to the public.

Wittman, a graduate from Rhema Bible Training Center, of Tulsa, Okla., has spent the last 10 years in Africa, reaching out to people who have never heard the gospel, teaching them and training pastors for ministry.

The ministry's purpose, Wittman said, is "to teach and pick up where other evangelistic organizations aren't able to stay. Many people hear the gospel and accept it as truth, but they have no root so only endure for a while but in a time of temptation they fall away. We want to help eliminate this problem by providing a five-week intensive training course to equip the saints we will use in nations around the world."

She said the ministry also want to establish a Bible school in Zanzibar that is self sustaining, so pastors can come and learn for free, but that has the ability to care for itself. This school would have classes and housing, but also enough land to farm and raise livestock. "This way people can come from nations around the world and learn, and then we can send them back to do the work of the ministry."

Daughter of Jim and Cherrie Wittman, of Harcourt, she writes:

Fact Box

If you go:

WHO: Amber Wittman, of Harcourt.

WHAT: Presentation on Amber Wittman Ministries.

WHEN: 11 a.m. Sunday.

WHERE: Agape Church, 924 Eighth St. S.W.

WITTMAN is raising funds for her newest ministry, overseeing the work of pastors with a group called Overland Missions. To accomplish this, she must buy a four-wheel drive vehicle and have money to maintain it. Gasoline costs $5 a gallon. She may be reached by e-mail at or at Box 311 Harcourt, IA 50544.

"During this time, God has been doing some mighty works, Living in Namibia, I went on six- to eight-day outreaches. We would bounce around in a 4x4 truck going to preach from village to village. This one day I was extremely tired and was ready to tell everyone I want to give up. As we reached this village, a huge Mac truck started to drive toward me. The further I walked away, the closer it came. A man jumped out of the truck and came running at me. I thought, 'Run away,' but knew I wasn't fast enough. As he reached me, he started to tell me that he had an irregular heart beat and I had prayed for him and he has been healed.

"The next morning as we were about to preach, the men in the village didn't want to listen and told us we don't want to hear you, but there is a sick baby - go and pray for it. So we went over to this sick baby. I've never seen a baby that didn't even blink. You could see it's chest lower and rise very slowly. The baby didn't move.

"I heard God say 'pick up the baby.' Now these people were Himba's, a very traditional tribe. They put red clay mixed with animal fat from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet, and that was how they bathed. So as I went to pick up this baby, I'm thinking, 'how can I keep this clay from turning me red?' But now what? What to I do now?

"God said speak 'life.' So I said, 'I speak life in the name of Jesus, I speak life in the name of Jesus' for about 10 minutes just repeating the same phrase over and over. As I looked down, I saw the life of God move into this child, and the baby started to move his arms and legs. I looked over at the mother and thought 'I must tell her what God did.' So I waited for an interpreter and told them 'it was the power of Jesus that healed your baby.'

"In Zanzibar, a 99.9 percent Islamic island, we would bring teams from the states to do missions. In the morning I was to teach the missionaries and give them morning devotions. On the third day, I was preaching on Mark 16:15-18, especially verse 18 - lay hands on the sick, and the sick will recover.

"As I was preaching Dave had never heard that scripture before. He went out to evangelize, and the first person he met was a blind man. He thought, 'I can't lay my hands on a blind man, but then felt he should.' Finally he decided to put his hands on the blind mans eyes and say 'in Jesus' name be healed.' As he took his hands off, the blind mans countenance changed; his entire face lit up. This man who was blind now could see. Dave came back to me and said, 'it works, what you taught, it works. God's word works.'

"Not only have I seen God do mighty signs and miracles, but God has helped me to be able to help others to see it in their own lives."

Amber Wittman Ministries has a mission: "To reach remote villages around the world with the gospel. To teach faith, healing, and authority to the nations. To train, thoroughly equip pastors and leaders for the work of the ministry."

The ministry's vision is to reach people around the world who have not heard the word of God; to teach love, faith, healing and authority to people who will continue in the word of God; to establish every believer in the faith; and to train pastors and leaders.



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