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Oct. 25 party to raise money for thermal imaging camera

October 19, 2008
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Fall is my favorite time of year for, oh so many reasons, but I can't even think about that right now.

We're working on a fundraiser to buy a thermal imaging camera for the Vincent Fire Department, and every spare thinking minute rotates around that. It's going to be the best party we've ever thrown.

And I've been to some good parties in Vincent.

The one I remember most was years and years ago on the Fourth of July when kids races were run down Arthur Street and the mothers were supposed to pound nails and the men just sat around and drank beer from the little bar.

Honestly, I ate so much popcorn that day I think I was sick that night. But popcorn sick is a good sick, doncha know.

It was a huge July 4th celebration. But there were ponies to ride and games to play.

We kids were allowed to run around to our heart's content - everybody knew everybody and all the kids and everybody watched out for one another.

We lived on a farm, remember, and Vincent seemed like a thriving metropolis to me. It wouldn't have mattered what went on, I would have loved every part of it.

The second big party I remember came with a parade - a centennial parade - and we lived in Wisconsin at the time. We, as in my own family. By then I wasn't the little kid looking for popcorn.

Still, I wanted to be part of the party, so I decided to make a float and walk in the parade. My daughter wanted to be part of it, too, and even allowed me to make her a mouse costume. My float, you see, was a big block of cheese - Wisconsin, remember - so I needed a mouse walking with me.

She always wanted to be part of my fun, but when it got right down to doing it, the shy side of her poked its head around the corner and stopped her. Oh, she walked with me, all right, but she took off the mouse ears and tail.

Did I tell you this before? It sounds familiar, that she took off the ears and tail.

The party coming up should be as much fun as the first two I remember so well. Which is good, since it's a fundraiser to make money to buy a thermal imaging camera for the Vincent Fire Department.

It would break my heart if we lost someone in a fire before we had enough money to buy the camera. So please, please, if you ever considered donating to a cause, consider this cause.

If you can't join us Saturday but can donate, send a check made out to the Vincent Volunteer Fire Department, Thermal Imaging Camera, First State Bank, 104 Arthur St., Vincent, IA 50594.

That's a shameless beg, granted, but I'm not above begging for this. Please help.

And we're going to have popcorn. All the popcorn I want to eat.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

Contact Sandy Mickelson at (515) 573-2141 or



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