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Difference makes a difference, and it can be a good thing

October 5, 2008
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Certain things make me giggle.

Like the time Travis Tritt called the Oshkosh Northwestern to talk to me. Well, not just to talk to me - I'd asked him for an interview. But when I heard him say, "Hi, this is Travis Tritt," all I could do was giggle.

They made me promise not to giggle when I talked to Tracy Byrd, but I wasn't ready last week when a woman from the Green Bay Packers called. She wanted to assure me they would send something for the auction for the Vincent Fire Department benefit, but she wanted us to send her a flier. For their records, I guess.

I would have agreed to anything just because she was from the Packers and talking to someone from the Packers took me back to the time I interviewed the laundry guy there.

An odd thing to write about, perhaps, but I wanted to do a different story than what hundreds of others did on Brett Favre and the Pack.

Different appeals to me.

Which may be why Knork Flatware is so interesting.

"Combining stylish elegance with innovative design, the patented Knork introduces a new level of functionality to tableware - guaranteed to uniquely revolutionize the dining experience."

That's what the promo info says.

What they mean is they've taken a regular fork and reshaped the outside tine to be thinner along the edge. Then they put a little flat space on the edge of the neck so the fork can be held like a knife. Et voila, just like a knife, the knork can cut meat or potatoes or vegetables or anything that needs to be cut at the table.

It comes in forged stainless steel in high gloss, matt or duo-tone finishes and it's good-looking enough for any table. The red plastic stuff would be great on a picnic or outdoor barbecue, but don't toss it when you're done - wash it and keep it. No sense throwing good stuff away.

The knork was developed by a man named Mike Miller, a Wichita student who wanted a mannerly way to eat pizza without using a knife. See what you can do when you set your mind to something.

But, he's still going to need a way to clean it up. Fingers, you can lick clean.

Another new gadget can help with the cleaning, and I'm thinking of getting one of these for my husband's Christmas gift. He always says he doesn't need anything for Christmas, but he should have this to help with his chores.

It's called the WonderMitt. It's a split-finger glove with multiple attachments for different cleaning - fine, medium, coarse and a stainless steel scuff pad - so you've always got the right pad for the job.

There's also a pet pack with a shampoo massager attachment and a hair removal attachment. If I had a dog, I'd get my husband one of those, too.

The odd thing is - both these unusual new products come out of Wichita, Kan. Knork information is available at, and the WonderMitt info is at

Remember, difference makes a difference, and that can be a good thing.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

Contact Sandy Mickelson at (515) 573-2141 or



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