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The older you get the faster time goes, thoughts swirl

September 28, 2008
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

They - that ubiquitous they that drives me crazy - say time goes faster as you get older. They don't say a word about how much faster all the thoughts in your head begin to swirl.

It's nearly impossible to have several thoughts going at once because they blend themselves in one big mass of pudding in my head, and it's not even chocolate pudding.

Admittedly, things are worse these last weeks that we've been working on the party to raise money for a thermal imaging camera for the Vincent Fire Department.

On the good side, a fund has been set up at the First State Bank, 104 Arthur St., Vincent, IA 50594. Donations may be sent directly to that fund.

Please do that. If everybody gives a little, nobody has to give a lot, and getting that camera is so important. Mark the check for the Vincent Fire Department thermal imaging camera.

Another of the thoughts rolling around is the opening day of the Fort Dodge Area Quilters 17th biennial show "Quilted Treasures" in the Career Education Building at Iowa Central Community College.

One hint: if you go there, take along some of those sticky address labels. That will save having to write your information on donation quilt tickets or anything else you might want. I can tell you to do that, but by the time it gets to me doing it, that mass inside my head has turned to other things and I forget.

In Burnside, they're not going to be forgetting a football accident that happened 10 years ago, that's for sure.

Jake Richman, a junior running back for the Southeast Webster Grand football team 10 years ago, went for a fumble and took a direct blow to the abdomen. His mother, now Shirley Richman-Seagren, stood 10 feet away from the accident and said, "he actually got up with the help of the coach and walked to the sideline, then he just went down."

I'd have passed out after just watching the hit.

Turns out he had a lacerated liver, and a severed vena cava, the artery coming from the heart, and when doctors fixed the vena cava, they found his liver was destroyed - starved for blood - and he was put immediately at the top of the donor list.

"The donor was an emergency room nurse who had a brain aneurysm in Connecticut and was on life support," Richman-Seagren said. "They talked to her family and told them the situation and they unplugged the life support because they knew that's what she would have wanted."

That was 10 years ago. Jake walked out of the hospital after transplant surgery and hasn't had any problems since, his mom said.

On Oct. 3, he's planting a tree at near the football field not so much as a way to remember, but as a way not to forget.

That's important, too.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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