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This should not become a matter of party loyalty

June 17, 2013

Democrats in Congress may well be facing a test of whether their allegiance is primarily to Americans and the nation’s ideals — or party loyalt....

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Jun-22-13 4:42 PM

The only group that have shown more party loyalty than our Democrat Senators and Congressmen after LBJ have been the rubber stamp members of the Parliaments of the late USSR, of China and of other Marxist countries.

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Jun-19-13 12:06 PM

When it concerns buying weapons, I think full disclosure of any mental health issues should be mandatory. And for those who thinks its wrong....Just what are you hiding?

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Jun-18-13 3:15 PM

It is awesome that I have 1 agree and 1 disagree to a blank post. Proof is in the puddding.

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Jun-18-13 3:43 AM

"Was stopped as it should have been." Fat fingers!

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Jun-18-13 3:42 AM

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Jun-18-13 3:41 AM

"Bub"-I am not in favor of either party to be frank and when the time came to vote it was the lesser of two evils. You brought up background checks so lets clear it up. It is not the background check that any of the two.parties where opposed to, it is however, the way it was written and the "attached" to the bill legislation. I am a proud gun owner and agree that someone with a mental disability should be more scrutinized whe purchasing a weapon than someone who does not have a mental disease. The issue is finding out. How much of our freedom are you willing to surrender so that we have this info. Are you willing to let your medical records be seen and scrutinized by the government. This is only the beginning and wad stoppedcas it should have been.

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Jun-17-13 9:39 PM


Very well said. I am so tired of the republicans piling it on President Obama. They can't rag on him anymore about the economy so they have to go dig something up and make us all believe that Obama is throwing us under the bus. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

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Jun-17-13 8:30 PM

Don't hold your breath, anyone - it's Chicago style politics writ large, first, last and always with the Obama crowd.

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Jun-17-13 4:49 PM

And the Republican backed Iraq fiasco was, to be plain, wrong! And Republican attempts to block voters from exercising their constitutional right in the 2012 presidential election was, to be plain, wrong! Republican opposition to the will of 90% of Americans on background checks involving gun purchases was, to be plain, wrong! And Republican support of incentives to move jobs offshore as well as technologies used to benefit say, China, is, to be plain, wrong! And Republican opposition to a liveable minmimum wage is, to be plain, wrong! Need to go on? The Republican party is, to be plain, wrong!

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Jun-17-13 5:38 AM

All politicians are suppose to represent the American people regardless of the issue. I don't foresee you commenting when the Republicans work overtime to battle the Democrats. I thought reporters weren't suppose to be biased either! Oh wait - you OWN this whatever it is!

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