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City debt is within legal limits

Nemmers explains borrowing, city accounts, debt

May 24, 2013

The city of Fort Dodge is about $108 million in debt, but homeowners won’t be paying all of that off with their property taxes, according to the local government’s fiscal officer....

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May-28-13 7:04 PM

Fairplay, Thank you, I read the article over and saw that he did say the fiscal year and not the calender year. Tom Weatherford

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May-27-13 7:52 PM

FD1991... Guess you don't remember how the AC was about to lose and all the sudden "hey wait" we forgot to count some of the votes. and that was enough for it to pass. Hmmmmmmm

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May-27-13 11:09 AM

Tom: look for the accountant behind the grassy knoll.

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May-27-13 1:28 AM

Same Tom that asked for a city audit that showed nothing. Grab a calender first. Then flip to July pick the year. City budget starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th. That is a year. The pool budget mentioned began on July 1, 2012. The pool was open. Wow...and my head still shakes.

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May-26-13 10:27 PM

As far as many people thinking it was a bad idea. Apparently more thought it was a good idea or did you all forget tg at it was put to a vote and the nays were the losers.

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May-26-13 10:23 PM

I do pay a higher fee. $225 more than the people who don't use it. As for expo pool. I swam there when I was a kid also and my parents paid for expo pool with their tax money. The same as we are doing for the kids now. I would have voted in favor of the pool whether I used it or not and yes I am in favor of the connector. I have lived in fd my entire life and have seen the improvements made in the past few years. Businesses are coming here now. I was here when businesses were leaving. The good ole boys are gone now and fd is making progress. I don't post on here much because most people on here are anti fd and I don't fill my life with negativity of morons who don't see the whole picture. Thank you for my daily laugh!!

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May-26-13 9:15 PM

Please help me undertand, how could the aquatic center lose more than $88k so far this year? What expenses do than have when then are not even open? Tom Weatherford

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May-26-13 8:23 PM


Your a real piece of work..."if we don't like it move". For all the ppl who can't use it or don't want to use it shouldn't have to pay for the ones who do. Many, many ppl thought this was a bad idea and as it turns out it was. When I was a kid we went to the Expo. Just a plain ole pool without all the ricketa and racketa. Yup...25 cents and you could swim all day.

Now days nothing can be done without all the drandger.

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May-25-13 6:47 PM

Taxed, nuf said. You nailed it

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May-24-13 10:40 PM

The same people that pushed the pool are pushing the cross town connector. Both were being pushed as money makers. Maybe we should hire consultants to study the consultants that hired consultants to come up with these for profit ideas. As for fd1991, good for you that your enjoying it. Now have the decency to pay for it. We can't afford to subsidize every thing, and recreation should not be one of the items we pay for. If you need a meal or housing help I don't mind helping, but for you and your kids to play in a pool is not a necessity and you should pay a higher fee to keep it from being a losing investment to the taxpayer.We payed to build it now you can pay to use it.

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May-24-13 9:02 PM

As far as AC goes. If you don't want to help pay for it then move. We won't miss you. Me and my family spend a lot of time there together. Someone paid for the pool you people used when you were kids and they didn't mind. Tired of whiners...always something negative to say. I will help you move.

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May-24-13 4:41 PM

It's finally been published what the AC has been losing,which is ridiculous.All the big shots that wanted the AC should start subsidizing it.

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May-24-13 12:22 AM

Wow. What can we finance next? Just because you can sign on the dotted line and get it today doesn't mean we need it.

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