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Heads need to roll

May 20, 2013

Recently, Internal Revenue Service officials insisted high-ranking leaders at the agency were not aware some conservative political groups were being harassed over tax matters....

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May-20-13 8:29 AM

There's little room for doubt that the president was aware of this targeting practice. Only he would have benefited from it, so its not hard to believe that he or his campaign people may even have instigated the practice. But of course "It's all Bush's fault", couldn't possibly have been dreamed up by the most corrupt politico from the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state in the U. S.

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May-20-13 8:42 AM

Skipper - FINALLY, someone else realizes it's all Bush's fault! You're obviously as prejudiced as so many others!

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May-20-13 8:43 AM

Skipper - FINALLY, someone else realizes it's all Bush's fault! You're obviously as prejudiced as so many others!

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May-20-13 10:36 AM

I guess it was ok when the IRS targeted the NAACP, Greenpeace and the All Saints Episcopal Church in California for speaking out against Bush's policies? They were under investigation as 501c charities JUST LIKE NOW. And THAT president was "aware of this targeting practice" too! He was just so*****busy trying to destroy the country that we didn't pay any attention to this minor stuff.

Give it up, Fox.

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May-20-13 11:16 AM

Finally, Obama unmasked for the unscrupulous third-world politico he is. Chicago-style shakedown politics has moved to DC. You got the FACTS, yet Cranky, i.e. the COMPARATIVE DATA on left vs. conservative groups the IRS ACTUALLY AUDITED under Nixon and Obama, respectively? Maybe Obama's targeting can then be listed in articles of impeachment as it was in Nixon's case. Does seem like those Illinois pols, Democrat and Republican, just can't help themselves - or maybe they help themselves too much.

Thank God those AP journalists were also "targeted" by Obama or the house media would have swept the IRS story under the rug just as they did the Benghazi outrage

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May-20-13 12:56 PM

I said BUSH, not Nixon. Another Andy fail.

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May-20-13 1:29 PM

Speaking of Benghazi outrage, and keeping with my shocking comparative date lifestyle, where is your 12 embassies outrage? You know, the 12 embassies that were attacked by terrorists under Bush. And where's your 300 million outrage? You know, the 300 million dollars republicans cut from the security budget which is the reason Benghazi was understaffed. Where's your outrage, oh wise one?

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May-20-13 1:34 PM

OH! I forgot! While Bush was being the best durn president evah, and protecting us like a fine christian, over 100 people - servicemen included - were killed in those terrorist attacks. Darn that truth. There it is again.

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May-20-13 2:00 PM

Oh jeez, so let me get this straight Cranky. Obama is up to his ears in, what is it now 4 or 5 scandals, but for all of them it seems as though no one in the Obama Administration had any clue what the Obama Administration was doing. So they are either incompetent in the best case or criminal in the worst. And your BEST defense is to cry Bush? Thanks, I needed that laugh.

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May-20-13 2:02 PM

Where is your outrage that the embassy in Benghazi was still staffed after repeated warnings of possible terrorist attacks?

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May-20-13 2:04 PM

Heads need to roll indeed. Must just be a coincidence that Obummer met with Colleen Kelley the IRS union leader just a day before they started targeting groups unfriendly to our lying commissar in chief.

The White House lists the IRS union leader’s visit this way:

Kelley, Colleen Potus 03/31/2010 12:30 In White House language, “POTUS” stands for “President of the United States.”

Why do you libs always defend his actions by saying "well look what Bush or Nixon or whoever did?" Do you really want the IRS holding your medical info? Crooks one and all. Impeach Obummer. At least Gaffe Biden is basically a harmless dolt. Like I said before. Liberalism is a mental disease.

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May-20-13 2:05 PM

Where is your outrage that our ambassador was left in Benghazi when the British Ambassador had left after an attempted assassination?

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May-20-13 2:11 PM

And last, Cranky, where is your outrage that Obummer made two "Stand Down" orders when Marines were ready to go in Tripoli? Both orders he refuses to take responsibility for.

You are going to end up following Obama through the gates of hell. The funny part is that once there you are blame the heat on Global Warming caused by Republicans.

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May-20-13 2:53 PM

During the May 8 congressional hearings on the Benghazi attacks, witness Gregory Hicks -- who was the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli at the time of the attacks -- explained that his team had proposed that a small group of four special forces troops leave Tripoli to provide aid in Benghazi, but that they were not authorized to do so by Special Operations Command Africa, a division of the U.S. military. So no, Obama did NOT order anybody to stand up or down or anywhere.

What's a little lying among friends, eh wingnuts?

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May-20-13 2:56 PM

I'll ask again. Where was all your outrage during the TWELVE terrorist attacks on embassies during Bushkie? Where? Why now? Don't you people know what your christian all american knuckle dragger was doing? Shocking!

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May-20-13 3:37 PM

Cranky quit with the "what about Bush crap." Does that give Ocommie a license to screw up everything he touches? A President with any backbone would have immediately ordered in help as soon as he found out about the situation. Instead he went back to bed so he was fresh as a daisy when he did his fundraising the next day. He is a traitor to this country and should be impeached and then imprisoned. He and Hilda Clintoon could be cellies. She is up to her neck in this as well. With her comment of "what diff does it make now" while testifying. Of course Nixon was give a pardon so if it comes to that I am sure you will be screaming what about Nixon getting a pardon. At least no one died as a direct result of Watergate. Pull your head out of O'idiots derriere and see what a spineless, incompetent, criminal he really is. Not that surrounding himself with tax cheats and coming from Chicago should have been a big red flag.

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May-20-13 3:51 PM

Just a thought, but we better watch what we say on here, lest some of the libs call the IRS and get us audited. Obama really is a good guy. I wish he could get elected again. I really trust his judgement. He is always right. Darn that Bush, I know it is all his fault and always will be. Am I given a pass now?

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May-20-13 4:33 PM

Ah, typical wingnuts! QUIT TALKING ABOUT BUSH!

Well, it's just too ironic to pass up! You all were oddly silent during the regime from heck, but you're in a constant state of shock now. Whatever is the reason??? Why didn't you hate it when Bush did such awful illegal things? Why??

Are those crickets I hear??

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May-20-13 4:44 PM

I don't get my info from media matters, not that it would make any difference, lib. The truth is still the truth.

It was Mr. Hicks' testimony - words that came out of his mouth. Did he say that Obama or Hillary ordered them not to board the plane? Did he? Do you know something we don't know?

Or are you attempting yet another "gotcha" on Obama - the favorite game of simpletons?

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May-20-13 5:57 PM

You know Cranky, you still have to talk about Bush, don't you? You have yet to say anything bad about your dear leader on anything. That must mean you are okay with Benghazi, snooping into AP phone calls, and the IRS. So you must think Obummer knew none of that or you condone it. If he didn't know any of it then he is an ineffectual leader that no one reports too. Or he is a corrupt lying, egotistical, megalomaniac. I vote for the latter. And just what the h-e-double toothpicks does it matter what Bush did or didn't do or that we were all silent as you say. You can't seem to bear the thought that your anointed socialist leader could do anything wrong. Of course he is a typical leftist, liberal demorat. Funny how his brothers' non-profit was granted status almost immediately, isn't it? Lois Lerner the same person in hot water over the tea-party snooping let his sail right through. "Well look what Bush did." I just figured I would say that for you Cranky. Saves time.

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May-20-13 7:14 PM

Get that all out of your system, Vette? I would dearly love to debate your point, but you don't appear to have one.

Well, aside for twisting names up like a third grader (obummer, hilary booger head, etc) and the standard idiot words leftist, socialist, yada yada yada, that is.

I'll ask the simple question AGAIN. Where were YOU when Bush was president and there were TWELVE terrorist attacks on foreign embassies? Why were you so quiet????

Can you answer me without sticking your tongue out and acting like an ignorant child?

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May-20-13 7:53 PM

I didn't like either Bush, but I don't remember saying the hateful things about them that so many on here say about our current president. I have a suggestion, why don't all of you so determined to make fun of President Obama leave this country until his term is over? I can tell you that I'd be much happier if you left. I think people like you are called "poor losers" - you wouldn't bend enough to say anything kind about him. Makes me think we Dems are just a kinder bunch of people!

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May-20-13 8:50 PM

Let's see Cranky. You mentioned Bushkie. Seems you twist words too. Then there is your comment using wingnuts. Seems you are as guilty as I am. But since it is Bush and the conservatives arguing against you it must be okay. My whole point to debate is your constant blaming Bush for everything and of course if we didn't speak out 6 years ago against his policies then that gives obama a pass to do anything. I still say he should have at least tried to something about Benghazi whether or not he could have changed the outcome. Instead of jetting off to raise funds he should have stayed in Washington to monitor the situation. It sure gives the impression he really didn't care. Of course then the blame was laid on some obscure filmmaker that made a video that po'd the muslims. Instead of calling it a terrorist attack which it clearly was. No I am not a poor loser. I just can't find anything nice to say about obama, wkupia.

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May-20-13 9:37 PM

Like an ignorant child? Reduced to name calling huh Cranky? The fact is who cares where I or anyone else was when Bush was doing his deeds. Obama is President now. It is his administration in charge. I have not even heard you say that any of the scandals are bad, whether or not your President knew of them. I hear the crickets chirping for you Cranky. Do you think Benghazi was handled correctly? Is it good that the IRS targeted specific groups? Is the AP phone record scandal okay with you?

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May-20-13 9:57 PM

Oh, Libby, you stooge! It's word for word because it's a quote! HAHAHAHA! What a dunce!

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