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Wasteful spending must be stopped

May 6, 2013

No nation on earth has an armored vehicle capable of standing up to the U.S. Abrams tank. On conventional battlefields, it is virtually unbeatable....

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May-09-13 12:43 PM

Touche, Marvin.

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May-09-13 11:48 AM

Start by stopping ALL aid to countries that hate us like Egypt, Afghanistan, etc. Let them hate us for free.

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May-07-13 6:37 PM

Every Iowa politician at the Federal level protects and advocates for farm programs. We have a state laws that prevent corporate farm ownership. We can't point fingrs.

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May-07-13 3:33 PM

After having failed to run a centrally directed civilian economy from 1933 through 1941 (as per Treasury Secretary Morgenthau's assessment), ColB, FDR turned to the private sector to produce SUCCESSFULLY the weapons and other material needed to win WWII. The problem here is our politicians, not the industrialists leading politicians around by the nose. Also, we followed President Washington's farewell advice by returning to out knitting, so to speak, in both the post-WWI and early past-WWII years with calamitous and near-calamitous results, respectively; such a head-in-the sand approach will end just as badly for us, and for the world, now. But those of us who dealt with the effects of hand-held, wire-guided anti-tank missiles in the Yom Kippur War did understand, as does the Pentagon now, that massive WWII-style tank battles were a thing of the past.

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May-06-13 3:36 AM

I was going to mention the same exact speech gssmms. We should just have the production of our weapons be a department of the military, done by enlisted men instead of the world-domineering type of corruption we have enabled with the privatization of the military industry. This industrial complex is about the only entity able to pull off the events of 9/11 & tell us a story about some guys with box-cutters-and make us believe it. I saw the other day where Haliburton has made more than $39 billion on one of the wars-not sayin', just sayin'. I've also heard that North of $1 trillion is allocated annually to black-budget programs, okayed by a handful of appointed Senators. If that's true, maybe we could start spending that on things that matter, like the people.

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May-06-13 2:08 AM

War Profiteering. Perhaps the second oldest profession. Main difference is that the oldest profession is usually a trade plyed by women, and war profiteering is generally a trade plyed by men.

Excerpt from an NPR article: "On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.

Eisenhower, a retired five-star Army general, the man who led the allies on D-Day, made the remarks in his farewell speech from the White House."

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