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Congress needs to act quickly

April 29, 2013

While President Barack Obama and most members of Congress have seemed preoccupied with proposals for new limits on gun ownership since the school massacre in Newtown, Conn....

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Apr-29-13 10:22 PM

Who decides if a person has a mental problem? I think King and Shaw both have mental challenges and they do have power to hurt people with the laws they make and the scare tactics they use to get followers like some of these other religious fanatics from around the world. So who really decides? Guys like King and Shaw? I sure hope not.

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Apr-29-13 8:34 PM

Let us not forget that it was a liberal Supreme Court that restricted involuntary commitment of the mentally ill back in the 1970's, which made it extremely difficult - if not impossible - to commit people like the Aurora and Newtown shooters put them on the streets rather than in the institution where they so obviously should have been.

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Apr-29-13 11:17 AM

According to reports (Unconfirmed at this time) Russia had wiretapped the boys and their mother talking about jihad and the boy in the hospital said they did it because their religion was under attack. I see no signs of their religion being attacked in the US but I DO see them attacking Christianity around the world. If Islam is a religion of peace, they need to start showing it.

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Apr-29-13 11:12 AM

As to guns, it's about "easy access," whether mentally unstable or not! As to "evil," welcome to humanity and our capacity to perform, it seems, new levels of it. Our tools get better and better, our newest being the growth/use of computers, the internet, cell phones and on and on. Is the "beam me up" technology just around the corner or maybe "stealth" humans? I can imagine the "evil" capacity that would bring humanity. History is our record. It hasn't been pretty! Mentally ill?...hmmm, maybe, but we're all there to one degree or another. No legislative action is going to change that!

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Apr-29-13 8:35 AM

A suggestion from the media for more "Salvation by Legislation."

yeah... that's been working out REAL well the last hundred years

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Apr-29-13 6:41 AM

Actually, the instructions need to be left off of the computer!

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Apr-29-13 6:25 AM

Movies, TV shows, etc need to be monitored first. Directions for making & using devices that kill or severely injure people need to be left off TV. Until the idiots that make these movies, etc. realize how much they contribute to these actions, all the medicine in the world isn't going to help! AND, newspapers, TV, etc. need to stop giving the jerks that commit these acts so much publicity! I want to puke when I see family members of victims interviewed - "how do they feel?". HOW THE*****SHOULD THEY FEEL!! Don't lay all the solutions at the feet of the medical field!

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