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‘What is wrong with city of FD?’

April 15, 2013

To the editor: I would like to know what is wrong with the city of Fort Dodge and the people who live and shop here? I use a power wheelchair to get around....

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Apr-15-13 9:05 AM

I would like to suggest to the author to take some video recordings and/or pictures. Borrow a video camera if you don't have one. When you get a good amount of information gathered, submit your information to one of the TV stations in Des Moines.

Sometimes you have to go extremes to get the attention of city leader. With the lack of funding right now, it may be an uphill battle but keep at it. This is a battle worth fighting.

Sidewalks with the curb at the corner are a safety hazard for everyone. I remember stumbling on the lip and skinning my knee when I was a kid. Mothers with babies and strollers are affected, as well as elderly people who still walk but need the assistance of a cane.

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Apr-15-13 10:50 AM

Did Dodge get a dispensation on wheelchair-accessible curbs at intersections or is its govt just lawless? West Chicago, indeed!

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Apr-15-13 2:47 PM

Money may be tight but how much will it cost if the city is sued for non-compliance with the ADA? Also, how many of the sidewalks in bad repair are the responsibility of the property owners? When we go for our walks I find myself tripping on some of these dangerous sidewalks.

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Apr-15-13 3:04 PM

IT should be noted that the new hiking trails may also NOT be handicapped accessible.

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Apr-15-13 3:34 PM

Andy, I have to agree with you on this one. How did the kite flying go last month ?

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Apr-15-13 9:58 PM

It's only right that the sidewalks match the streets.

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Apr-15-13 10:30 PM

Does filming a thorough sidewalk documentary, as initially suggested, really fit within the ambitions of a guy who complains about writing numbers on paper?

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Apr-16-13 5:58 PM

Ther are a lot of bad sidewalks in town, but a lot of home owners struggle to make ends meet let alone have 2 or 3 thousand dollars to replace a sidewalk. Cement and labor cost are high. If your one of the ones that keeps there sidewalk up thanks, but I do understand that costs to keep them up are hard on people who are struggling. We still have a lot of people that lost good paying jobs in the last few years that are working poor paying jobs to get by. We all need to understand that we all can't afford a perfect world.

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Apr-16-13 8:08 PM

I will bet the aquadic center is ada.

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Apr-16-13 8:49 PM

To the "disagree", its not? What is it then?

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Apr-16-13 11:43 PM

as for handicap parking in store parking lots, who is supposed to check to see if vehicles are parked in them without a handicap sticker in their window???? I don't know why there are signs that say improper use is a $100 fine because I've NEVER seen police, or a store employee going around & checking to see if the vehicles parked in those spots have a sticker in their window

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Apr-16-13 11:49 PM

why would it be the home owners job to replace the sidewalk? wasn't it the city who put the sidewalks where they are to begin with? if the city can write tickets to home owners for not shoveling the side walks when it snows then the city should maintain them. if I was the owner of the sidewalk in front of my house, I'd put dirt over it,& plant grass in it to make my yard bigger,& so nobody could tell me how to maintain it.

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Apr-16-13 11:53 PM

plus having a sidewalk on your property is like inviting strangers to walk on it,& if they litter in your yard along the way it'll look bad, but if you don't know who littered you cant do nothing about it,& I agree w/ hbockoven about if somebody falls on it the home owner getting sued isn't right!

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Apr-17-13 9:59 AM

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Apr-17-13 10:01 AM

Ive been wanting to get rid of my sidewalk in Gowrie for years,the town wont let me.Nobody walks on the sidewalk in this town,yet Im required to maintain it.

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Apr-17-13 10:52 AM

Cost of curbing flows through to the property owner, too, either as a lump sum or an addition to the property tax bill. We didn't have an obesity problem when kids walked to school on sidewalks they scooped - or earned a bit to scoop - in winter. Be glad you don't live in Denmark, bh, I had to scoop my half of the roadway, too, on a residential street there. Aren't we lazy enough here as it is without paying some AFSCME type to scoop our sidewalks?

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