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Senators want details on gun legislation

April 11, 2013

Both of Iowa’s United States senators said Wednesday that they want more details on the background check compromise, but Sen. Tom Harkin indicated he’s pleased with the effort so far....

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Apr-13-13 12:24 AM

Got cut off,,, my friend owns a gun shop!!! Hmm, go figure! I asked him and his wife one day,, doesn't it bother you selling guns,,, the very same thing that took your daughters life away from you!! They both looked at me and said the same thing, the gun did not take her life,, it was the person holding it that took her life!!

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Apr-13-13 12:14 AM

Ok smart people, answer this one. How many criminals [people who use guns for illegal purposes]do you know or have heard of are going to go to a ffl dealer and do a legal purchase of a gun? My Dad always told me that locks were just to keep honest people honest. Plain and simple, all the laws on paper now have not stopped the criminals and adding more will not stop them and if you think it will please explain how! I had a guy say to me the other day, "if you lost a family member to gun violence you would not feel the same way, you would understand!" My cousin who I was very close to and her 9 year old daughter were shot to death by her ex husband! Then shot himself.I know the pain but my opinion does not change! The gun did not kill them, the coward did! If he would not have had a gun he would have had a knife, bat, his hands ect. A friend of mine had a daughter that was shot and killed, the murderer has yet to be caught. Guess what my friend does for a living,, he has a gun

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Apr-12-13 6:41 PM

Thanks, whenever! Sadly, already in 1962 one of the few relatively honest Democrats had described the social disaster welfare policies had created among US blacks in a monograph entitled "The N e g r o Family in America," which liberals unsuccessfully tried to suppress by classifying it - post-publication - when its author, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was named Asst Labor Secretary by JFK. Moynihan expanded it in a 1965 report for LBJ retitled "The N e g r o Family: THE CASE FOR NATIONAL ACTION." Soooo typical: in 1962 it was concluded that "the steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the N e g r o family the US;" in 1965, ADDITIONAL govt programs are found essential to correct a problem govt action had itself created. Consequence: the same social pathology now infects the white and the Hispanic populations as well. That's "progressive," indeed!

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Apr-12-13 5:10 PM

Could one of the disagrees on my comment, explain just exactly HOW a list of gun owners and how many and what type of firearms a person owns would help curtail crime? Or are you just disagreeing to disagree?

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Apr-11-13 8:12 PM

bub, whether you realize it or not, if we lose this right...we have all lost.

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Apr-11-13 7:59 PM

YEEESSS!!! America-1...NRA-0

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Apr-11-13 7:28 PM

To put Mr. Anderson's comments in English....They are chipping away at individual rights. There is no valid reason for a list of gun owners and what they own. It would do nothing to reduce crime. The fact that the Government would know that I own a specific type of firearm would be of no value in any investigation. I have committed no crime. Why would they want a list of gun owners? There are thousands of firearms in Fort Dodge alone. If there is a murder, are they going to be able to check ballistics on all of them? NO WAY. The only value is to compile a list to be able to confiscate them some time in the future. No thanks.

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Apr-11-13 2:32 PM

Obviously, our leftists will admit nothing of the propensity of collectivist "progressives'" to engage in salami-like "mission creep" as they pursue federal laws and regulations that have gradually eroded individual liberty in this as it has in other once-free countries. Meanwhile, ditto, DRLENERS; that was now the second recent home invasion in Webster County - and the third (2 dead) in Iowa - as the social dysfunction our leftists promote has come to infect ever more of the U.S.

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Apr-11-13 10:27 AM

Since gun regulation has NOTHING to do with the second, or any other amendment, I wish Chuck and his pals would stop braying about it. Nobody is trying to refuse anyone the right to bear arms. To use this as an argument makes legitimate gun owners sound like morons.

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Apr-11-13 10:07 AM

I don't mind who knows that I have firearms in my house. After reading about the home invasion here in Fort Dodge and knowing that they are still running the streets, I keep my doors locked. That's for their protection, not mine.

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