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Lauds Almost Home

April 6, 2013

To the editor: A good friend gave me a very wonderful experience. She took me to the new animal shelter. I was so impressed. I myself have four cats and a dog....

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Apr-18-13 3:27 PM

Welcome Back Tanya!!! Great to see you are... Home. The pets there need you. Good luck in the future.

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Apr-08-13 10:00 PM

We've always adopted and have always spayed and neutered. It is expensive but it is part of being a responsible pet owner and reducing the number of unwanted animals. I applaud everyone who cares enough to spay and neuter.

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Apr-08-13 8:05 PM

At Almost Home they contact your vet before you even qualify for adoption. Usually there is a wait before you can take them home. We qualified instantly so we took her the same day. Now since our pug is not mixed, I asked what if we don't get her spade, my answer was we will contact the law. Nough said! I think they give you a month to get it done. Sure would have been nice to have pug babies. All our pets past and present have been fixed and cats declawed. So we have a rep. With our vet. It helps when adopting.

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Apr-07-13 8:55 PM

Spade or neuter is required if you adopt from Amost Home. And Webster City has it done once the dog or cat is adopted. I has our dog spaded at Town and County, total bill was $141.00. I'm tellin ya vets are getting about as expensive as real doctors, it's out rageous. It costs a lot to maintain pets and keep them healthy.

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Apr-07-13 8:25 PM

I only wish the shelter would not adopt out pets that are not spayed and neutered. Does the shelter check up on all the adopters to make sure they have been spayed or neutered? I hope so.

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Apr-07-13 11:09 AM

Great comments about the comparison between the shelter and the zoo. There is a difference between genuinely caring for the welfare of animals and collecting or hoarding unusual animals just for the novelty whether you can properly care for them or not.

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Apr-07-13 10:18 AM

The Boone shelter is probably cheaper as they are a kill shelter. Almost Home is a no kill facility. Therefore the cost may be a little higher for keeping hard to place animals rather than giving them the needle after their x-amount of days are up.

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Apr-07-13 12:41 AM

And to add, she had been given her puppy shots and a ID chip was implanted in her. Which I thought was a great thing to do. She was 9 months when we got her, I think the first owners gave her up because they couldn't house break her. It took awhile for us to break her(she still once in a great while has an accident). One thing we have learned was to listen for scratching at the back do, she won't come and let us know she has to go out, once in awhile she will bark. No matter we love her just the same.

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Apr-07-13 12:30 AM

Yes your right, $150, with a $50 return. I don't recall off hand what we paid to have our female spade. I'll look it up tomorrow and get back to you. It was worth it for me as I was searching for a pug and they had one. She is a smart and wonderful pet worth every penny and more. I think Webster City use to be $75 spade included. That was several years ago. My daughters got a dog from there for my dad. That dog had been beaten and her back legs must have been injured, she had a funny walk. With much love and patience she got over her fear of being beaten and became a wonderful pet.

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Apr-06-13 10:05 PM

It is my understanding that the $50 deposit is on top of the $100. So, it is $150 up front until you spent up to $100 for the neutering on your own. So, once you get the deposit back, it is still an expense near $200 whereas BAHS is $75 total.

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Apr-06-13 9:24 PM

Bullet, It's true that Almost Home charges $100, soon as you show proof of spade or neuter your reimbursed $50, and it is a requirement of the adoption. Oh and hbockoven I get now what you mean.

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Apr-06-13 8:23 PM

When we decided in January to adopt a dog from a shelter, we looked at Almost Home. They do good work, but we decided to go down to the Boone? Area Humane Society for one reason - the difference in the charges. From their website, AH charges $100 for a dog and then you have to pay to have the dog neutered. BAHS charges $75 and that includes the neufering. So we went to Boone

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Apr-06-13 4:51 PM

hbockoven, I watched the video, is that you in the video with the animals? I envy you, I use to take in every stray that came my way(they seemed to know). But I kept them. It got to be such a burden on our household that I had to stop. It's always been my want and desire to have a safe haven for animals. I'd love to volunteer at the shelter but a recent illness has prevented me from doing so someday after I get all my strength back, I'm going to look into it. Pretty risky tho, I'd end up bringing them all home. I to lost a pet dog to stroke, oh man it's like losing one of your own. That's what prompted us to the shelter to fill that hole in my heart. hbockoven, I sure wish you all the luck. I can see now your expressed interest in the zoo.

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Apr-06-13 3:31 PM

We have adopted from the shelter and will continue to do so. hbockoven losing a pet is so heart breaking...I know they have new pups out there just waiting for new homes as well as others. Good luck!

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Apr-06-13 1:22 PM

Great place. I felt I had RESCUED my dog from that old shelter, but it was better than nothing.

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Apr-06-13 12:40 PM

Good point FDFIRST :)

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Apr-06-13 12:39 PM

Mary, I couldn't agree with you more. 2 years ago this month we brought home our very precious Pug from there. I also found the facility very clean. They had an area where they let the dogs be together and play. They all seemed so happy. As a dog and cat lover myself I can tell when animals are mistreated by their surroundings. These dogs were happy and playful. I for one am very glad we have this facility in our town. If you doubt it, go take a look for yourself. If you like what you see think about leaving a small donation, I'm pretty sure they could use it as they have many mouths to feed. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this facility. Common sense tells me that donations would be appraised. Keep up the good work Almost Home.

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Apr-06-13 12:32 PM

Sounds like they should take over the ZOO.

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