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Wants border security

April 5, 2013

To the editor: Sold! “Business and labor,” meaning lobbyists for powerful corporations and unions, have reached agreement with the “Gang of Eight” on how the federal government will reward the......

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Apr-05-13 9:48 AM

Obama and his band welcome all the illegal immigrants if for no other reason that within weeks of their arrival they are his backers and good little democrat liberals. Who else got him re-elected. It sure wasn't thinking, knowledgeable voters. Granted, the last two Republican candidates weren't any great shakes either, but at least they were probably as capable and honest as politicians ever are.

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Apr-05-13 10:11 AM

That reminds me.... whatever happened to Glen Smith?

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Apr-05-13 10:57 AM

Skipper, it is no longer illegal immigrants. It is according to Jay Leno "undocumented democrats." Can't argue with his logic. Now let's see how many disagrees I get with that one.

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Apr-05-13 11:31 AM

You won't get a "disagree" from me, MadVette. I have nothing at all against immigrants as long as they take the legal route. And if they're not here legally, what else can they be called by illegals? Is a drug dealer now to be called an "unlicensed pharmacist"? We're getting too worried about being political correct. And this too will get some "disagrees".

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Apr-05-13 12:13 PM

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Apr-05-13 12:25 PM

Does anyone whom posts here ever look at actual numbers? Or do you just repeat what you hear as the lastest talking point? Do some fact checking before you post or keep looking ignorant. The choice is yours.

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Apr-05-13 12:27 PM

All right so I hit the post comment as I was scrolling down. I like that term, unlicensed pharmacist. I too have no complaint with legals either. My girlfriend is a legal transplant from Germany. She is very passionate about our country and is very patriotic. She is living the American Dream legally and is very upset at the idea of amnesty for those who are here illegally. She paid her dues to get to be a citizen. It cheapens it for all the people that have worked hard to achieve citizenship. And she didn't expect us to put up signs in German for her. If you want to celebrate your heritage, fine. Just don't cram it down my throat. And lets drop the hyphenated American crap. I am Norwegian and Swedish. Does that make me a Norwedish-American. We are all Americans regardless of our ethnicity. Only for medical purposes should your ethnicity be needed.

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Apr-05-13 5:18 PM

Google it. Obama has the highest deportation numbers of any president. The numbers aren't hard to find. He promised the illegals amnesty but it hasn't happened. And for the record, I don't believe in amnesty.

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Apr-05-13 8:52 PM

IF BHO has the highest deportation numbers, could it be because so many of them are coming in illegally? Just sayin'.

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Apr-05-13 10:34 PM

Why don't you try living in a state that is on the border with Mexico? I do, just this week a undocumented democrat killed a woman because she wouldn't let him sleep with her 13 y/o daughter. Or how about the recreation areas that the federal government has put up warning signs that the recreation area is a high drug trafficking and human smuggling area and they we shouldn't be there. Yet they do nothing to stop the illegal activity.

We need to secure the border!!

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Apr-05-13 11:19 PM

Put the Republican & Democratic & Independent CEO's & farmers and construction company owners in jail for a mandatory year if an illegal is on their payroll the illegal immigrant problem would cure it self over night. These people doing the hiring are on the left and right and in the middle and until some of you people wake up and quit trying to blame one party or the other or one President, think! Why was nothing passed even when Bush had a majority in both the house and senate to put the hiring people in jail? It is because big money does not want to control it. It is cheap labor. We the little people complain about it but neither party will do anything but use it for talking points for reelections. How come King don't push for a law to put CEO's & others creating the problem in jail? One word - MONEY.

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Apr-06-13 6:27 AM

Taxedenough, I thought I was the only one that realized that it's the big businesses that bring in illegals to work at such low wages & provide them with horrible living conditions. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. So all of you blaming the current administration, wake up -check out the employees of a large seed corn company based in Iowa. This has been going on for many years. Would YOU work for less than minimum wage? Obviously not, or there wouldn't be a need for immigrants!

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Apr-06-13 10:57 AM

soundco, Lets give the jail time for the people that do the hiring a shot. Or are you one of the die hard extreme Republicans that actually do some of the hiring. You talk big but you won't go along with the jail time to see if it works. Sounds like your just an unhappy loser that didn't get his way the last election and likes to spread hate. Grow up and move on. Life is way to short worry about past elections. You got your biggoted friend King in so be happy.

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Apr-06-13 12:02 PM

Well said, Rattler. And you'll notice that the incident about the mother being murdered hasn't been on any of the main stream networks. Could it be because the story wouldn't benefit BHO's amnesty program? And I like your new politically correct (according to Jay Leno) "undocumented Democrat"!!

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Apr-06-13 2:02 PM

Illeagal is illeagal!

Enough said.

Every one of the politicians in DC need to be empeached.

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Apr-06-13 2:51 PM

1) If 5 million Israelis can build a 25' high barrier (concrete slabs topped with an anti-grapnel round pipe where needed) over 400 miles long, which effectively protects Israel from all but rockets, surely 300 million Americans can build one 1,700 miles long; if not, let's get some Israeli engineers over here and (pardon the term) illegal aliens to do so.

2) As for immigration policy, we might emulate the Swiss system after WWII: work permits for a few years, then home to put your skills to work there. I'd give all here now 10 years w/SS eligibility, no "anchor" kids.

3) The constitution puts immigration policy in the hands of the Congress, not the President or the courts. With SS cards as tamper-proof work permits (color coded as to citizens, immigrants and time-limited temporary workers) put the handling of all temporary workers in the hands of ICE ONLY - THEN come down hard on employers hiring anyone without a currently-valid SS card.

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Apr-06-13 3:11 PM

Look, this is getting to be an old battle being waged with a lot of smoke & mirrors. Punky is correct that Obama has deported far more illegals than any other President which you won't hear on Fox so, most of you in FD don't know about it. He hasn't deported more because there are more coming in because the numbers of them entering has dropped drastically when Bush helped tank the economy because there were fewer jobs to be had and even they knew that. For years now, the Republicans have publicly stated that they are against these illegals and then call themselves the "party of inclusion" which is not only a joke to me but, to the Hispanic population which might be the main reason they vote against the Republicans. The fact is, the Republicans in private are the biggest pushers of these illegals as they represent a chance to have very cheap labor who can't fight back. America's favorite dimwit-Ronal Reagan-gave amnesty to all illegals in 1986.

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Apr-06-13 3:21 PM

I'm sure if Fox were to ever even mention Reagan's amnesty, it would sound much rosier than Obama's limited version of it. Doesn't it make you wonder why the corporations gaining the most from this cheap labor are always protected or ignored by our laws? IBP places ads in newspapers throughout Latin America touting jobs in Iowa & elsewhere. Why don't we come down like a hammer on these employers? Well, they pay your representatives more than you do and if American labor was the only option, they would be smart enough to know when they are being treated unfairly, organize and then cost more for a big business to operate because Americans would demand that they at least are paid enough to live on and you can't blame them for that but, the Republicans try to blame them daily by laughably demonizing workers unions. You conservatives REALLY need to get your facts straight before commenting on such matters-which does mean no more Fox, Rush, Beck, etc.

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Apr-07-13 4:19 AM

You must be a Christian Soundco-lol! Where did THAT come from? Why won't you see your Social Security? It's yours, you earned and SS is is safe for decades at least. I agree about the deadbeats though and those deadbeats are the multi-national corporations of the world. What is it now, we spend about $100 on corporate welfare for every $1 dollar on social welfare like assistance & food stamps. The ones that get 100 times more are still trying to squeeze more out of the rest of us, including those on real assistance.

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Apr-07-13 3:19 PM

Common, ColB, you can't go through life so ignorant of the basic facts of economic life. Do go to "fee dot com" for a free download of Henry Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson." I'll bet it will change many of your views re business and economics and roles govts and unions in screwing things up, including creation of the very monopolistic business conglomerates you decry.

As for US immigration policy, see WSJ4/6-7/13, p. A13, for Noonan's brief of Lee Kuan Yew's "friendly advice to America contained in a book of his interviews, speeches and writings, one para of which I have quoted above because it displays evidence of a worldliness absolutely lacking in congressional consideration of the subject.

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Apr-07-13 3:40 PM

Noonan re Lee Kuan Yew's views on impact of immigration on the U.S. - "What can destroy America is 'multiculturism' which [Lee] speaks of as not an appreciation of of all cultures but a gradual surrendering of the essential culture that has sustained America since its beginning. That culture - its creativity and hardiness, its political and economic traditions - is great, and it would be 'sad for America to be changed even partially.' Will waves of of immigrants from the south assimilate, or will America become 'more Latin American?' America must continue to invite in all the most gifted and hard-working people in the world, but it must not lose its culture, which is the secret of its success." (WSJ 4/67-7/13. p. A13.)

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Apr-07-13 9:35 PM

Soundco, you nailed it. There is going to come a time when there are more "takers" than "givers". Then what?

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Apr-08-13 4:24 PM

A question...If your stomach was empty most of the time and you looked at your family and saw no future for your children in Mexico, for example, and got word of jobs in the U.S., what would you do? It's called DESPERATION! It built America! A hope for a future that can't wait for several years to be legal. What would any of us do? Certain American businesses took advantage in search of cheap labor..the welfare of the worker was of no importance, others would bear that cost! Profit was behind it all...isn't that what capitalism is all about? I wonder, if the illegals were white and spoke english, would there still be calls of building a 1700 mile wall?

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Apr-08-13 7:41 PM

Bub, I could care less what color they are. Do not try to pull the race card. It does not matter what color you are. You are illegal if you sneak across the border or over stay your visa. Would you still feel the way you do about illegals if you or a family member lost your job to one? They broke the law. You say that they do what they do out of desperation and empty stomachs? What if a person robs a bank only to get money to feed his family? Is he breaking the law?

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Apr-08-13 7:50 PM

Also Bub, profit is behind EVERY business. Why else start one? If you hate capitalism so much, what are you doing here(in the U.S.A.)?

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