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They need to try harder

April 5, 2013
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Apr-05-13 9:41 AM

Nothing - absolutely nothing - is too sleazy or underhanded for this regime of Chicago's shady citizens. Come to think of it though, isn't there still some doubt about the chief of the clan's own citizenship?

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Apr-05-13 11:41 PM

Skipper, soundco, Are you gise related to King? I'm sure your both up at the unemployment office and are getting ready to draw food stamps with the economy and other economic indicators moving up. We were so better off when Bush started 2 wars and took the country to the edge of a depression. My overall networth is a lot better now then when Bush was in. I guess some people just hate it when things are going good and their party is trying to do its best to derail progress for the sake of their party and not for the betterment of the country in whole. The immigration reform was started by Regan. That is not why Obama won. He won because the Republican party has no room for moderates, mexicans, blacks, poor, women and others unless they tow the teabaggers and religious fanatics extreme ideas. Until they open their eyes and quit being bigots they are a party on a downhill slide. I was a registered Republican back in the 70's and 80's but the party started to become to extreme.

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Apr-05-13 11:49 PM

Continued: both of you sound like the extreme right that has taken over the party. Maybe someday some of us former moderate Republicans will be able to rejoin the party if we can take some of you extremist out of the control of the party. Maybe we can also take some of the hate you have for the other party and we can work across party lines with out name calling and blame games and take care of all the people of this great country.

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Apr-06-13 6:12 AM

soundco & skipper, I thought nobody could say anything more hateful or stupid than the person that writes these editorials. Well, you two just proved that I was wrong!

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Apr-06-13 1:06 PM

If I'm not mistaken we were trillions in debt before Obama took office. You two are so inept if you think Obama created the trillions in silly boys.

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Apr-08-13 10:21 PM

The real bigots in this country are those who pursue public policies based on primarily upon the very categories of voters Taxed so carefully lists, not as individuals or as Americans. The editorial addresses acts of this Administration under the sequester, and over 80% of posters here believe correctly that the ending of White House tours was a political ploy. There is no question that Obama & Co. oversold the effects of sequestration, and his minions in DC have been directed to do everything possible to harm popular and/or essential federal govt services while ignoring waste that would way more than balance any reductions in anticipated funding simply for partisan political advantage. Obama & Co. deliberately promote division of Americans into self-centered groups pursuing their particular personal interests at the expense of national interests and those of everyone else. It is shameful and dangerous in the extreme, for a house divided against itself cannot stand.

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