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The problems are becoming clearer

March 14, 2013

Calls for repeal of “Obamacare,” the president’s national health care program, seemed to fade away after President Barack Obama was re-elected last Novembe....

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Mar-14-13 7:58 AM

If everyone will send you a spoon, maybe you can continue stirring the pot for the next four years. Sure would hate for you to TRY to say something positive about the current administration. The hate you spew is very frightening - bullies get little respect!

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Mar-14-13 8:51 AM

Well said, Soundco. How anyone can continue to support Obama's policies after seeing them in action (inaction?) for four years and hearing him expound on his plans for the coming four years, is totally beyond rational understanding.

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Mar-14-13 12:05 PM

AWAKE, AMERICA! (You too, wkupia.) With federal bureaucrats now at the 7 ft. level in pages of new Obamacare regs (& still writing), AP's Tom Murphy reports today that insurers have done the math, shared it with feds who need to know, and "premiums [are expected] to rise from 20 to 100 percent for millions of people due to...provisions of the Affordable Care Act [that] roll out in January 2014." Affordable, indeed! DEMS and Obama did not intend for it to work as they contended.

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Mar-14-13 12:36 PM

And get a load of that 21-page draft application for Obamacare! As with the income tax, so many won't be able to fathom the thing, Obamacare will create jobs and reducing unemployment with a new need for professional help navigating the red tape, not to mention all the compliance officers doctors and hospitals will have to hire to wade through those 29,000 pages (to date) of new regs. Ditto, the thousands upon thousands of new Obama/Dodd/Frank financial regs. Wow, we haven't had a job creator like that since FDR's PWA/WPA!

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Mar-15-13 2:55 PM

Now more Obamacare surprises: 1) taxes on medical instruments will also increase costs of pet care; 2) a fee of $63 per insured employee will cost employers $25 billion the next three years to create a fund to offset insurers' costs of covering people with high medical bills (a fee from which powerful unions are already crying for exemption, naturally). This lord doth, indeed, giveth and taketh away!

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Mar-16-13 11:34 AM

George must be off his meds again.....take your pills and calm down....

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Mar-17-13 3:55 PM

Better educate yourself before it's too late, Trooper; pills will NOT help. What page of law or regs are you now on, anyway; my docs have given up and are joining hospital staffs in droves, but I hear hospitals are looking for compliance officers so at least job prospects for legal eagles are looking up! Perhaps that was with malice aforethought given all the lawyers in congress.

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Mar-23-13 3:14 PM

See that 79-20 Senate vote cutting the funding for Obamacare via ACA's medical instruments tax, Trooper? Indeed, as Pelosi said, they had to pass ACA to find out what was in it! You may find now that two aspirin with a glass of water and a good night's sleep helps. No Charge!

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