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Redenius returns

Former Fort Dodge parks boss takes Growth Alliance role

February 22, 2013

Todd Redenius, a former director of the local Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, has returned to the community to take a leadership role with the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance....

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Feb-23-13 7:17 AM

He resigned 2 times in the last year at his Ankeny position for what he called medical reasons along with an OWI. Last time he gave no notice. Looks like there is more to the story then wanting to come home.

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Feb-23-13 7:57 AM

Now Now lets be nice...

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Feb-23-13 2:18 PM

Did you get scorned again charter. Your self-imposed perfection may be your biggest flaw.

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Feb-23-13 2:27 PM

glad to have him back in fort dodge. too bad he's in the wrong position. he should be over cleaning up the mess the current head of parks & rec in making. he's a stand up guy and not hiding from anything. i'm sure if asked he'd own up to whatever is being thrown his direction.

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Feb-23-13 7:05 PM

If I were a board member of a non profit I would have concerns for a new hire that less than 3 months ago resigned his position without notice sighting he was unable to perform his job due to medical reasons which could be a future financial liability issue.

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Feb-24-13 2:50 AM

A quick search of google will reveal a fair amount of baggage with this guy.

Also, Charter, what gives - you're usually quite the cheerleader when it comes to questionable decisions for public affairs.

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Feb-24-13 5:32 AM

I was a friend of Todd's back in pre-school and there are few, if any, people in FD as nice or professional as he is. I commend him on taking the challenge of coming back home as he is more qualified for a better community in my honest opinion.

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Feb-24-13 12:27 PM

So he was nice in pre-school... Then he's got to be perfect for the job. lol

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Feb-24-13 12:55 PM

We've had presidents with dicier personal backgrounds than this - indeed, we've got one now: drugs and who knows what else? Of course, everyone in Dodge is a Puritan, no?

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Feb-24-13 3:36 PM

ftdodger: That would be to say I've known him SINCE then and yes, he is more polite, and more professional than most people you will meet around town in FD. Maybe that is where all of the insecure feelings come from with people commenting on here. I can understand your fear of that tennis-playing, community-involved person-lol!

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Feb-24-13 3:40 PM

I got $100 to a charity says Charter has been passed over for this or similar positions and carries a bit of a grudge. Likely self-employed also if I were profiling.

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Feb-24-13 5:25 PM

Sorry Fairplay. You need to watch more Criminal Minds and hone up on your profile skills. Not self employed and at the same job for over 20 years.

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Feb-24-13 9:36 PM

You know what Charter? It's convenient that "men" like you can hide behind a username and assassinate the characters of anyone who tries to bring F.D. into the modern era. Frankly, I think Todd Redenius brings the intelligence, enthusiasm, and experience to amplify the resurrected spirit in Fort Dodge. To instantly and viciously attack him personally is shameful at best. Alcohol wreaks havoc on lives without regard race, gender, status, etc. It is an epidemic that binds millions of people who would not normally mix. I've had my struggles, too. But what drives me is the realization that there are few people on earth that I respect more than those who have transformed their lives with unflinching honesty and resolve and now they inspire those around them to do the same.

Know anyone like that, Charter? I hope so. We all know that person. Just give Todd the opportunity to either DESERVE your contempt or EARN your respect based on the present, not the past

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Mar-04-13 7:49 PM

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Mar-04-13 10:13 PM

Charter's new brightest comment below:

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