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End smoking in Iowa’s casinos

February 19, 2013

Iowa is among those states where smoking in bars, restaurants, workplaces and assorted other venues frequented by the public is forbidde....

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Feb-21-13 12:47 PM

Well haven't you heard....outside smoking is being banned in some places. It's rediculous. I also grew up in an environment of smokers, you could even smoke in the doctors office. Heck doctors smoked while consulting. This whole thing with second hand smoke has gotten way out of control. The biggest blow was to Bars and Resturants, it should be up to the owners to decide if they want to be "smoke free". As far as casinos go, ventilation makes a BIG difference. Being an x smoker you become sensitive to the smoke. prarie Meadows venilation is horrible, where as Wild Rose you wouldn't even know smoking was going on unless you sat right next to a smoker. I never did think it was fair to ban smoking everywhere but the casinos.

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Feb-20-13 10:40 PM

They have smoke free areas in the Casinos. They also have multiple air exchangers. Most of the people in there 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's grew up in a smoke filled world. I remember when you could smoke in retail stores. All these people are living a lot longer, so I think we are making a big deal out of a small problem. Where are all the gun rights people on this issue. The goverment is tring to take away another right. Maybe they don't smoke so they don't care. It is like a non- gun owner not carrying if they ban guns. As far as employees they know what the rules are before they hire on and if they don't like them don't apply there. I don't smoke but it also does not bother me when I'm around smokers. I guess I don't feel like they should be treated as a lower class citizen. Some people are never happy unless they can control others lives.

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Feb-19-13 4:30 PM

I am a long time Republican Conservative and Business owner here in Illinois. I can vouch that our five year old comprehensive Smoke Free Law has good for health and good for business. It has also been good for casinos and especially good for the health of casino employees. It is time for Iowa to get on board and enact the same protections to both casino workers as well as casino customers who also deserve smoke free air when they are gaming.

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Feb-19-13 10:03 AM

Smoking in casinos is a plus plus: since smokers die younger, studies (Dutch and now American) reveal that their earlier deaths 1) actually result in reducing overall social costs, which mount dramatically with age, and 2) ends that person's continued wasteful expenditure of funds (i.e. capital)l in something that is worse than a zero-sum game, which makes them available for some possibly productive purpose.

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Feb-19-13 8:24 AM

I was a smoker for 30 years and quit due to copd and I love the casinos,,the smoke does not bother me,mentally,dont take away the smokers rights,,you have already taken it from every where else,,as the law makers kick back and smoke something else

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