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Backs Second Amendment

January 26, 2013

To the editor: On Jan. 16, President Obama introduced 23 measures designed to curb gun violence. In his proposals, he intends to ban military-style assault weapons like “the ones used in Newtown....

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Jan-26-13 8:17 AM

Raymond- Good letter. I think most people will understand the true motives behind these laws when it is too late. Dems have been looking for a way to take guns from select groups of people for years- they just needed a tragedy. Then they can come out- cry, tell everyone how much they care, and then institute their socialistic policies for the masses. Everything is incremental- this is the first step. they will tell us it "only makes sense" then they are on their way to their ultimate goal. Republicans need to fight this at the state level- where rights should be given.

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Jan-26-13 11:33 AM

conservative...How would you feel if you lost a family member or child to one of these killing machines? Are they nothing more than an unfortunate sacrifice in the name of liberty? We've tried "easy access," and we've seen the result. Americans have had's time for change!

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Jan-26-13 1:00 PM

Good letter Raymond. Hey bububud, why don't we ban all alcohol or at least anything that contains more than 1% alcohol. I mean used by a safe responsible person its safe, but in the hands if someone reckless an irresponsible in KILLS. The same with cars. Anyone can use anything safely or reckless. Yes some DUMB*** with issues killed those children. And for that my heart goes out to the families, but if he drove a car into the playground and killed them, would you anti-gun people want more laws on your car, driving?

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Jan-26-13 4:07 PM

By law you need to have a valid drivers license and have auto insurance in this state to drive. We have laws against speeding. We have laws for underage drinking. We have laws for breaking and entering. We have laws for forgery and theft. We have laws when it comes to buiding structures or remodling your home. All these laws are broke everyday in this state. Just look in the Messenger every day. Gun laws like all the laws we come up with will not change the law breakers. Only law abiding people obey most of these laws and it will not change the people that don't. Most of these laws were made by Republicans & Democrats to make them look tough on crime. When they started putting speed cameras all over to make more revenue the real truth comes out on why. When it does not count against your license it showed it was all about money and not the speeding.

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Jan-26-13 4:31 PM

Ahhh, bububud - I knew you'd jump in. Ok: AR-15's are called "assault weapons" in the hands of civilians, but DHS just ordered 7,000 of these same guns only with select fire and they're called "Personal Defense Weapons". Care to tell me what DHS needs 7,000 of these and 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition for?

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Jan-27-13 12:56 AM

BubbaJ...No one is saying ban all guns or alcohol! Yes, there are responsible users of alcohol and guns, just as there are those who abuse both with deadly results. It has been that after the rights of the dead were ignored, it was the responsible that stepped forward demanding change...hopefully the silent majority who accepted the risk of alcohol and guns in our society and have witnessed the deadly down side will again step forward and demand sensible change. Guns and alcohol will never go away but maybe sensible legislation with the rights of non-users in mind will be realized one day and at least save some lives.

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Jan-27-13 1:52 AM

I would love to buy into this whole "commonsenseguncontrollegislation" talk we all have been getting pounded into our brains****mon sense tells you laws don't stop killers & criminals(murder is illegal). Do you really think any of these creeps(mass shooters)care about"laws"? They will still have done their mayhem and be deceased without resistance before police arrive. What is common sense about that? The NRA proposed armed guards at schools & REALLY, why is that such a terrible idea? Is your child in school like mine? Is being strictly dependent on law enforcement and laws going to make your child safe? Are seconds are better than minutes when dealing with some idiot ready to live out a sick fantasy to have his life story on the evening news? Also, keep in mind our govt and main stream media are telling us law abiding citizens that we "don't need" semi-auto weapons,while our govt was caught sending machine guns to drug lords in Mexico and F-16's

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Jan-27-13 1:58 AM

to terrorists in Egypt.

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Jan-27-13 4:20 AM

Cowards hide behind guns. Just like everything else in life, if you can't prove that you're responsible enough to use something, it gets taken away. Unfortuneatly for the gun owners who have yet to kill or harm someone, your peers have and I don't care if all the guns in the world were removed today. People might just have a hard time adjusting to a more loving, caring society...

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Jan-27-13 9:02 AM

Why are we not talking about revamping our mental health system in this country??? There was an article in the Messenger on 1-14-13 that said many states are rethinking mental health cuts but Iowa is closing one that was built 10 years ago in Fort Madison. Its not guns that kill people its the people behind the guns. If we take a look back at the shootings that have occurred the shooters have had mental health issues! The people who had this guns, did not get them legally so what are stricker gun laws going to do to solve the problem? We need to reform Mental Health care not create more laws that will not help.

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Jan-27-13 9:03 AM

The article was in the 1-24-13 Messenger not the 1-14-2013.

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Jan-27-13 11:52 AM

tiredofbs...What you are saying is, don't change anything, Americans will just have to accept future massacre after massacre after massacre. When are the rights of non-users going to be addressed? As to schools, your solution along with the NRA is to place armed guards in every a taxpayer, are you willingly going to accept that cost. Maybe you would like to volunteer? What's next, malls, theaters, stadiums and churches? Is that what the founding fathers had in mind? Is that the America you were priviledged to grow up in? Guns and humans become one when they are brought together and history has recorded that as a deadly combination! Maybe, just maybe the lives of your children or family members will be saved...nothing hurt in trying a new approach!

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Jan-27-13 11:59 AM

Is a woman "hiding behind a gun" protecting herself/kids a coward? A 110lb woman vs. a 250lb attacker? If there were no guns, than maybe she could coerce the rapist with an ice cold coca-cola and they could all sing together. (only 16oz. or less per person).

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Jan-27-13 1:01 PM

Bububud..."Not changing anything" is not what I'm saying at all. What I really am saying is more laws won't stop this from happening again and again. Americans don't have to put up with these massacres that happen in gun free zones, that's why I'm in favor of some type armed security at schools. And I'd gladly take a tax hike to ensure the safety of my child. We have millions of people on unemployment. I'm sure their are also plenty of qualified people for the job in this economy. This is a least worth a consideration isn't it?

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Jan-27-13 2:18 PM

bububud, take off your rose-colored glasses. taxd is NOT saying we should just accept anything like that. And the rights of "non-users" is always addressed; NOBODY is forcing them to own a gun; that's an individual choice protected by the 2nd Amendment. Having been in a situation where my buddies lives meant I had to bust a cap on a person, I did it and had NO regret. Read the statistics on violent deaths in America; more people killed with cars, etc than by "assault weapons". And states with strict gun control laws (Chicago) leads the way in gun-relatred deaths. What about those "non-users" such as the innocent children caught in a cross-fire?

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Jan-27-13 2:39 PM

hbockoven...My response is my Jan, 27, 12:56 comment. Tiredofbs..are there any other changes you would propose besides guards in schools at taxpayer expense? (I'm sure righty's will just love that) I'm willing to compromise, but I don't see any of that coming from you or the NRA! The only response I hear is "More Guns!" When is enough, enough? Hopefully legislation is not the meantime I guess we wait for more carnage!

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Jan-28-13 8:44 AM

Bubu, I noticed your question in your comment on this issue. I for one would happily volunteer to protect our schools. I already carry legally. I would also pay higher taxes for guards. All you have to do is look at Chicago for the results of strict gun legislation. Also if the 126 or whatever number of different types of weapons are banned, I can guarantee you that high capacity pistols will be next. After that come revolvers. At present bolt action, lever action and I think pump action weapons are not in the ban. Wait until someone with a pump action 12 gauge loaded with 00 buckshot goes ballistic. And why did DHS order those "banned" weapons?

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Jan-28-13 11:35 AM

MadVette...I also asked what changes, if any, besides guards at schools would someone like yourself propose...I have received Nothing in return! Apparently more guns, not only in our schools but everywhere, is the only answer the NRA and gun proponents care to come up with! Any suggestions? With no changes, the carnage just continues whether at schools or elswhere! Background checks OK? Ten or less round magazines? End the walk in and buy at gun shows? Locked and secured at home? Any suggestions? When are the concerns of the majority of Americans going to be addressed, or does 2nd amendment rights have precedent regardless of the bloodletting? Are good old "Gunsmoke" shootouts the America you would propose for your children or family members?

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Jan-28-13 2:34 PM

Bubu, You want some of my ideas then okay. I have no problem with background checks. These should be done yearly and an "I am sane and not a felon" card would be issued with which you could buy a weapon at any gun show. They are usually "appropriated" from parents or stolen outright. Guards in school should be instituted as well. I think volunteers should be trained in firearm tactics and safety. Cost the taxpayer nothing. By the time police arrive the show is usually over. Magazine capacity should not be restricted. I can drop a 10 round magazine and insert another in a second or two. You cannot legislate nuts or people just bent on others destruction. Funny how Feinstein and Shumer both have permits to carry, but don't think that commoners like you and me are capable of gun ownership. I will guarantee there will be a domino effect once they start with more gun control.

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Jan-28-13 5:11 PM

hbockoven, I believe when you buy any firearm at a retail store you must be checked. My whole point was to say that I do mind background checks and I should have added that if you do have a CCW as you and I do, it wouldn't bother me to be checked yearly or whatever to make sure I haven't beaten the tar out of my wife. I do agree with your assessment of drivers out there. The whole thing is you can't talk sense to anyone who won't listen to facts. Like I have said before, once they take the semi-autos and big mags then the rest will be taken as well. Would any liberal like to answer question why DHS needs 7000 AR's with 30 rd mags? They call them personal defense weapons. Funny libs wanting to ban them always say they have no use. I guess they are only needed by the gubmint.

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Jan-28-13 5:11 PM

US gun related deaths since the Sandy Hook, Connecticut (Dec.,14) massacre...1317 as of Jan. 27! Let's see if we can hit 1500 by the end of the week!

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Jan-28-13 5:26 PM

Yeah Bu, and I bet every death was caused by a legally possessed firearm in the hand of a never before arrested law abiding citizen. By the way Bu, why does DHS need those 7000 full auto AR's with 30 round mags?

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Jan-28-13 8:48 PM

By golly Hbock, I never thought of that. Just our trustworthy government trying to save us poor taxpayers some money. How thoughtful of them. Nice Post.

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Jan-28-13 10:31 PM

MadVette..****plaining of taxes now...I thought you said you would be willing to pay higher taxes...oh I get it, only if it allows you to continue playing with your guns! DHS purchases? it, they're coming to get yaaaa...isn't that what righty paranoia is putting out there? Brings to mind the Twilight Zone theme song! Are political armbands next?

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Jan-29-13 8:38 AM

Bu, since you seem to think you are so informed, explain why DHS really needs those AR's and why they call them personal defense weapons, but you libs call them useless if I want one. I asked you before but no reply. Don't know do you? As far as taxes who's complaining. I do think taxes are too high if that makes you feel better, but I was being sarcastic about them saving us money. And I do believe you could have guards in school for nothing with trained volunteers. Of course I doubt you would volunteer, because in your eyes our kids aren't worth armed protection. Its been fun rattling your cage though.

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