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An idea worthy of support

January 25, 2013

President Barack Obama consoled the people in Newtown, Conn., who suffered the unthinkable. Twenty innocent children and six adults were massacred in the community’s elementary school....

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Feb-10-13 1:42 PM

And so that lovely girl from Chicago who celebrated with the Obamas on Jan 23 went home to Chicago and got shot to death. How very sad - and instructive. But it did finally get Michelle back there where some real social changes really need to be made.

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Jan-26-13 11:52 AM

South Chicago needs a lot more than gun control laws, which it already has in abundance, but the Obamas won't join in pushing the fundamental behavioral transformations needed there to clean that mess up; they are too busy fundamentally transforming the entire country and, as that DC federal court found yesterday, ignoring the separation of powers so fundamental to our constitutional democracy. Where befor has that kind of fundamental constitutional transformation occurred? One might check our Africa, the Middle East and Latin America for the answer.

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Jan-26-13 5:11 AM

i believe that a lot of valid points have been brought up for both sides of this. personally taking away or limiting your rights, any rights, is just a start. when does it stop? where does it stop? i do not own a gun, i'm glad i don't own a gun. i don't want the responsibility or liability that goes with owning a firearm, my choice, my right. i also feel for those who are sportsmen, true outdoors types that have a long standing tradition with growing up hunting with their father, grandfather, whatever. generally speaking these are responsible gun owners and are the ones who should not be thrown in with the rest. now, that being said, not sure how many of that group of people rely on their mainstay of food coming from a tromp around in the woods. i totally agree with wkupia that the media gives entirely too much attention to these shootings. if those images wouldn't be drilled into our heads over & over again. that's my 2 cents plus whatever local option sales tax is added

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Jan-26-13 12:44 AM

Bike4Life...Easy access to this type of weaponry along with high round magazines gives any user devastating firepower. Unfortunatly, the easy availability was tried with the hope that the safety of the American people not be infringed has failed miserably and the majority of our citizens now demand change...we have had enough! It's our duty to at least try! Change may not prevent future killings, but then again it might. Doing nothing guarantees more blood! If something isn't working, try something else! I'll admit I'm not getting much support here, but I can say at least I tried with the hope that future lives may be saved and for that I feel good....

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Jan-25-13 10:43 PM

bububud...You have stated on this post and other recent posts, "but as with any right, abuse it and risk losing it!" I do NOT abuse my rights as a gun owner so why is it that I should lose those rights? Also i was wondering if you could please point out exactly what part of New York's new gun ban or Fienstien's proposed ban would have saved even 1 of the precious lives lost at Newtown?

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Jan-25-13 5:45 PM

And "chickification" on display everywhere, bubu. How did those stiff-upper-lip Britons ever survive the blitz, or those more recent bus and subway bombings? Ditto, the Israelis. I dare say, not be "wallowing" in THEIR grief.

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Jan-25-13 1:17 PM

When 9/11 happened they passed all kinds of laws right away. Most affected your flying experince. I wonder if it was because the members of congress fly all the time. They seem to like to protect themselves. You can't carry a gun into the capitol building but some in the same congress want people to beable to carry guns into schools. Open up all these Federal and State buildings so you can carry in a loaded weapons if you truly believe that we should beable to carry weapons without any restrictions. I can lose my job at work for carring a weapon on to the property and I have a legal gun permit. Lets stop companies from dictating my gun rights. Am I starting to sound like King & Shaw yet? Common sense gun laws will not prevent shootings, but it may prevent some and that should be the goal.

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Jan-25-13 1:03 PM

Anderson...Righty paranoia and compassion clearly on display here! "Wallow?"...Wow!

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Jan-25-13 12:13 PM

Guess we'll have to wait to see if either the NY or the Feinstein approach makes it through the Congress; meanwhile, "cling" to your guns, folks, and keep your ammunition dry, the Redcoats (or is that Bluecoats) are coming.

Perhaps, Messenger, we should have torn the Capitol down after those Puerto Ricans shot up the House and killed those Congressmen - and the Pentagon after 9/11. Au contraire! The best answer to madmen, domestic or international, is to return to living, even though it will never be the same for those immediately affected. No memorial will compensate for - or wipe away - their losses. Neither children nor adults should wallow in their losses; both are more resilient than they, themselves, or you give them credit for.

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Jan-25-13 10:53 AM

Skipper...I've already answered your question...a nice start is what became law in the state of New York just recently. Details are available with a little searching on your computer. Your hunting rifle is safe for now, but as with any right, abuse it and risk losing it!

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Jan-25-13 8:46 AM

bububud, what's your definition of "common sense" gun legislation? So many who howl for doing away with "assault weapons" don't even know what an assault weapon is, so they include in that definition many many rifles that are simply .22 caliber rifles used for hunting squirrels or rabbits, or for simply target shooting.

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Jan-25-13 6:48 AM

And if Obama did as you suggest, you'd find fault with that! It would help if the media would stop giving the idiots that do the killings the attention they're hoping for.

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Jan-25-13 1:57 AM

Honor the dead with common sense gun legislation! I personally support New York's approach! Maybe then, more children can have a future...

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