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The solution is multifaceted

January 9, 2013

It is likely new restrictions on firearms sales will be enacted by Congress in reaction to the massacre of children and teachers at a school in Connecticut....

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Jan-13-13 2:54 PM

I agree with Soundco. Parents are to lazy or to scared to discipline their children so they drug them up so they don't create problems in school. LISTEN PEOPLE...Its a discipline problem not a medical problem. Bring back spankings! A one parent home is the norm not the exception. Never heard of it when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's. Yes, I remember the days of BB guns. Of course you weren't allowed to shot other kids or shoot birds. I don't remember there being a problem. There is absolutely no reason for anybody to own a gun that requires a magazine to fired off x amount of bullets in a matter of seconds. I rue the day that they ever came out with the Dr. Spock book!

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Jan-09-13 7:59 PM

Gun control won't stop the shootings. Better and required back ground checks and waiting periods won't stop them but it may cut down the numbers. You have stiffer laws on truck drivers (owi levels,log books, inspections & etc.) to prevent accidents. I'm sure it has reduced accidents but it hasn't eliminated them. That is the same with any gun laws, it will never end the shootings.

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Jan-09-13 7:05 PM

Hope you noticed that homicides were up 16% in Chicago in 2012, bubu; seems like Obama and his acolyte Emanuel have a bit of HOMEWORK to tend to before they strike out at gun owners elsewhere. Must be the way Chicago compatriots settle things when their usual intimidation and bullying tactics don't work.

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Jan-09-13 4:27 PM

Anderson...thank you for making the point of supporters of common sense gun legislation...war zone Afghanistan is safer for our troops than the streets of America! Thanks, bud!

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Jan-09-13 12:09 PM

My dad was an expert shot and taught me how to handle guns properly and safely - oh, yes, forgot: fathers are in short supply and not needed in feminist America, especially so in Chicago, the most gun regulated city in America where more Americans died last year due to gun violence than in Afghanistan. And to think I carried my rifle to hunt and trap on my way to and from country school, storing it meantime unloaded, bullets is my pocket, on the coatroom shelf.

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