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Arming Syrian rebels has real risks

September 30, 2014 Most of President Barack Obama’s game plan for destroying the Islamic State terrorist group seems logical. Unfortunately, U.. more »»

American forces are again at war

September 29, 2014 When our armed forces go to war — and make no mistake about it, they have — Americans rally in support. more »»

Soybeans are big business in Iowa

September 28, 2014 Nobody knows exactly how long humans have cultivated the soybean, but agricultural historians are quite certain its domestication as a crop in China dates back three millennia. more »»

This security breach is inexcusable

September 27, 2014 Omar J. Gonzalez was carrying a knife when he stormed into the White House recently. What if he had been equipped with a bomb? Gonzalez, a military veteran, clearly is mentally unbalanced. more »»

Tom Latham deserves strong praise

September 26, 2014 Numerous Fort Dodgers have worked hard during the last few years to make sure this is a town with a great future. Those efforts are generating a booming economy. more »»

Parking study points the way for FD

September 25, 2014 Anyone who visits downtown Fort Dodge regularly knows that finding a place to park is not often a problem. more »»

Keeping America safe is a challenge

September 24, 2014 Let us hope Department of Homeland Security officials took note of recent remarks by their boss, Jeh Johnson, on a major terrorism threat that requires careful attention. more »»

Gypsum City OHV Park expands

September 23, 2014 Last week the Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle Park celebrated a major expansion. The second phase of this remarkable recreational area is now open. more »»

Fort Dodge school board acts wisely

September 22, 2014 The quality of the school system is among the most important determinants of a community’s long-term prospects. Excellent schools can have an enormous impact on economic development. more »»

Make your voice heard at the polls

September 21, 2014 It’s still more than six weeks until Election Day. The upcoming election will afford those citizens who choose to vote the opportunity to shape the future of our community, state and nation. more »»

Livestock thefts raise new concerns

September 20, 2014 In those old Westerns that were so popular with movie-goers not so many years ago, cattle-rustling was a recurring theme. Anyone who supposes that is a crime that disappeared ages ago would be wron. more »»

Keeping public schools strong is vital

September 19, 2014 Most of the financial support for public schools comes from the taxpayer through property taxes, state monies or federal program. more »»

King Band launches circus convention

September 18, 2014 Karl King’s musical legacy is well-known by Fort Dodgers. more »»

Commemorating the U.S. Constitution

September 17, 2014 Most Americans likely remember the first seven words of the U.S. Constitution, but far fewer are apt to remember the remaining words of the introductory sentence. more »»

Home-grown terrorists must identified

September 16, 2014 Americans have gone abroad on their own to fight for many causes during our nation’s history. more »»

ISIS definitely must be eliminated

September 15, 2014 If President Barack Obama manages to destroy the Islamic State terrorist organization through an international coalition, the odds are he will make the same mistake committed by his predecessor,... more »»

Honor Flights deserve strong support

September 14, 2014 Sixteen million Americans served in this nation’s military forces during the most horrific war in history — World War II. more »»

Internet offers both delights and risks

September 13, 2014 Parents are strongly advised to monitor their children’s online activities regularly. The Internet is a jungle where many predators stalk naive youngsters. A recent example comes from West Virginia. more »»

America is losing its productivity edge

September 12, 2014 Americans are renowned the world over for finding ways to work more efficiently, to produce more goods and services with less labor. For about half a century, beginning in the late 1940s, U.S. more »»

A day for memories and fierce resolve

September 11, 2014 Sept. 11, 2001, is a day etched in the memories of Americans. Recollections of 9/11 remain vivid, though less so as time passes. more »»



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