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Cleaning up FD is a group effort

July 16, 2014 In 2012, a group of property owners formed a team to start the initiative “Keep 15th Clean & Gree. more »»

Overturn this ruling

July 15, 2014 National Labor Relations Board members have an opportunity to avoid making their agency look ridiculous, simple-minded and biased. They should take it. more »»

A major policy re-evaluation is in order

July 14, 2014 Fifty-six people, most of them old women selling food to make money so they could eat, died when Boko Haram terrorists set off a bomb in a Nigerian marketplace recently. more »»

Women play vital role in agriculture

July 13, 2014 For as long as human beings have engaged in the assorted pursuits referred to collectively as agriculture, women have been key players in the success of those undertakings. more »»

America’s DNA

July 13, 2014 There are many ways to lose freedom — conquering armies, surrendering without a fight. Unfortunately, we are currently surrendering our freedom, not to a foreign power, but to our own governmen. more »»

Everyone may now board, except you

July 13, 2014 The boarding pass typically lists two times: the time of departure and the time of boarding. For many airline passengers, the only significant one is time of departure. more »»

Chicago’s shooting spree

July 13, 2014 For most of the country, July Fourth weekend means hot dogs, fireworks and relaxing time with family. In certain neighborhoods in Chicago, it means something very different. more »»

Single mom wants to settle down but can’t find a man

July 13, 2014 Dear Annie: I am a single mother of a wonderful 5-year-old son and am expecting another baby in the winter. My son’s father cheated and lied and then left me for another woman. more »»

Iraq policy makes no sense

July 12, 2014 Americans should be worried about the war in Iraq, for various reasons. One concern is that the Sunni army assaulting Iraq’s Shiite-controlled government may interrupt oil shipment. more »»

Chronic system failures persist

July 12, 2014 “Significant and chronic system failures” have occurred at the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a just-concluded White House investigation. more »»

Judge Wilke got it right

July 10, 2014 A woman whose plea agreement recommended probation was, instead, sentenced to prison Monday. The judgment, rendered by the 2nd Judicial District’s chief judge, Kurt Wilke, appears to be the right one. more »»

Iraqi leaders slow to respond

July 9, 2014 An example of what can happen when other countries become too reliant on the United States to defend them can be seen in Iraq. more »»

Say ‘no’ to Iranian help

July 9, 2014 History is of full of episodes in which governments unable to cope with violent uprisings asked for military help from their neighbors. more »»

Attend your county fair

July 6, 2014 Times change. Even so there are a few constants in life. One is the pleasure provided by the county fairs that continue to be a highlight of summer in the Hawkeye Stat. more »»

It’s a day to celebrate America

July 4, 2014 Whether you spend this Fourth of July picnicking, swimming, boating, enjoying a parade, attending a community celebration, watching a fireworks display or just plain loafing, there should be at leas... more »»

133rd Test Squadron helps FD prosper

July 3, 2014 The 133rd Test Squadron of the Iowa Air National Guard plays a highly significant role in our nation’s defense. more »»

Learn from this mishandled case

July 2, 2014 Law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys in this area tend to act immediately when they hear of children being abused. Apparently that is not the case everywhere. more »»

The proper term is terrorists

July 1, 2014 Boko Haram, in Nigeria, uses tactics such as surrounding churches, then burning them down to kill all insid. more »»

Corporate giants help area thrive

June 29, 2014 The economy in Webster County is beginning to boo. more »»



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