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Many villains in Flint water problem

October 25, 2016 Federal officials have worked hard to portray themselves as the cavalry riding to the rescue of residents of Flint, Michigan. It turns out they were walking, and slowly, at that. more »»

Reaction to Trump remark was excessive

October 24, 2016 A candidate for president unwilling to accept the results on election day? Horrors, cried supporters of Hillary Clinton and many in the news Oct. 1. more »»

Sen. Charles Grassley is a keeper

October 23, 2016 Some politicians go to Washington and forget the folks back home except when elections are near. Sen. Charles Grassley, Iowa’s senior United States senator, isn’t one of them. more »»

We must guard our nation’s secrets

October 22, 2016 Hillary Clinton knew using private email servers for official communications while she was secretary of state was improper and possibly illegal. more »»

Liberation of Mosul is very important

October 21, 2016 The long-awaited major offensive to liberate Mosul from Islamic State terrorists was getting underway. Good. It is about time. more »»

Was there an attempted quid pro quo?

October 20, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s primary defense against allegations of wrongdoing raised by the recent release of emails involving her and Democratic Party officials has been to note there is no way to determine... more »»

Newest revelations could hurt Clinton

October 19, 2016 Clearly, some in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president believe the religious faith of some Americans —î Roman Catholics —î qualifies them for inclusion in what the candidate referred to as the... more »»

Obamacare’s woes are getting greater

October 18, 2016 It is inconceivable that those in President Barack Obama’s administration are as ignorant of basic principles of economics as a new scheme seems to suggest. more »»

WikiLeaks unmasks Hillary’s team

October 17, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s advisers apparently thought her husband’s ability to escape repercussions for his misdeeds had rubbed off on her. more »»

The agony of the Republicans

October 17, 2016 Less than a month before the election, the Republican speaker of the House says he won’t defend or campaign with his party’s presidential nomine. more »»

October is Co-op Month across US

October 16, 2016 There are various types of businesses that operate as cooperatives, but according to the National Cooperative Business Association they all are owned and democratically controlled by their members... more »»

Are America’s secrets being kept safe?

October 14, 2016 When Edward Snowden fled from the United States in 2013, bearing with him an enormous amount of secret government information, it became clear the National Security Agency was anything but secure. more »»

Three local officers are truly heroes

October 13, 2016 The dedicated service of law enforcement officers is too often taken for granted by those of us they work so hard to keep safe from harm. more »»

Mylan saga raises important issues

October 12, 2016 Mylan Pharmaceuticals and its chief executive officer, Heather Bresch, have been easy targets for politicians seeking to gain headlines as defenders of financially hard-pressed American families. more »»

The nonsense just never seems to end

October 11, 2016 Many troubled military veterans turn to a crisis hotline operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It received more than 500,000 calls last year. more »»

North Korea looms as a huge problem

October 10, 2016 What’s next from North Korea? One week the rogue dictatorship tests new missiles. The next, it improves its nuclear arsena. more »»

It’s harvest time once again in Iowa

October 9, 2016 Since human beings first learned to cultivate the soil, harvest time has had extraordinary significance. In earlier centuries, good crops meant prosperity and security. more »»

Newspaper carriers deserve applause

October 8, 2016 Every day more than 53 million newspapers are delivered to readers. Those compendiums of news and community information arrive on doorsteps all across our land as if by magic. more »»

New owners, but a tradition continues

October 7, 2016 A change in ownership for the plant Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. currently operates at 800 Fifth St. N.W. won’t diminish Fort Dodge’s standing as a major source of pharmaceuticals for animal. more »»

IS terrorists are guilty of atrocities

October 6, 2016 Islamic State terrorists have been guilty of atrocities truly worthy of the history books. They need not be detailed here, other than to note their viciousness has been broad as well as deep. more »»



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