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Memorial Day could be just a memory of past times

May 30, 2010 I love walking through cemeteries, so Memorial Day and all that entails really makes me happ. more »»

Paper poppies and toys combine for many thanks

May 23, 2010 How about a poppy, folks? Those little red paper poppies show your support of veterans on the Memorial Day weekend. At any time, really, if you keep the poppy long enough. more »»

What’s nothing at first, can build into something big

May 16, 2010 Suddenly I feel taken. A few weeks back, we shopped at a local store for a leather belt for my husband. It wasn’t hard to find, and the $11.96 price tag didn’t hurt. more »»

Mother’s Day is happy time, but also for memories

May 9, 2010 Mother’s Day isn’t always about hugs and roses and dinner at a nice restaurant. Oh, that’s good stuff, for sure, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. more »»

Auxiliary stands behind FD police force in everything

May 2, 2010 Behind every good man, there’s a good woman. That’s what “they” say, though I have no idea who they are. more »»

History with a face is history you want to know about

April 25, 2010 History has a way of becoming more important the older you get. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t care much about history in high school, but that’s not the point. more »»

No matter what the age is, families are important

April 18, 2010 First, there’s family. Wherever you go, whenever you go, there’s always family. That’s a good thing. When 10-year-old Katie Finnegan, a fourth-grade student at St. more »»

Volunteers go a long way to making shelter a reality

April 11, 2010 Living in Dodge makes me downright happy. Amazed and happ. more »»

Lions, lambs, April showers — it’s about liking stuff

April 4, 2010 Old wives and their tales may be myth, but one of those old wives once talked about March weather, proclaiming “in like a lion, out like a lamb” and, conversely, “in like a lamb, out like a lio. more »»

Spring brings robins and bugs, but Arlis is still retired

March 28, 2010 Robins aren’t the only indicator of spring. Just take a drive, and you’ll see spring in the air all over your windshield. Which reminds me of a joke. more »»

Saving pop tops is a big job for a boy, but rewarding

March 21, 2010 Let the children lead us. One child, for sure, will lead us, and we can help. We can give him our can pop tops. more »»

Simply knowing some women brings admiration

March 14, 2010 My daughter and her husband are making lemonade in Denver. He was downsized, but they’re dealing with it. She never complained or begged him to find another job quickl. more »»

With March comes thoughts of father, playing poker

March 7, 2010 March always reminds me of Dad. I should be thinking of all possibilities spring, that lion and lamb thing, but it always goes back to Da. more »»

Birth dates bring up memories of every kind, size

February 28, 2010 Today would have been a tough day for me 37 years ago. It was Wednesday. Our weekly paper, the Keene Valley Sun, hit the streets on Thursday. more »»

Happiness comes from jerky and growing own drugs

February 21, 2010 A new book will hit the market soon, showing gardeners how to grow their own drugs. And it’s totally legal, promoters say. more »»

Red makes happy valentines and Chinese New Year

February 14, 2010 Today is a double whammy of special. Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. Sweet and savory. Red and red. more »»

Chocolate is good, ‘they’ say, though still full of fat

February 7, 2010 Just when they tell me chocolate is good for a person, they turn right around and yank the rug away by adding that chocolate is, unfortunately, full of fat and calories. more »»

It’s a learning curve, knowing how to help people

January 31, 2010 You never know who’s reading The Messenger. Got an e-mail Monday from a woman named Pam Neubaum who lives in the Dominican Republic. more »»

Rita Fleener says test would be in order, so get ready

January 24, 2010 OK kids, get ready. There’s going to be a test. Hey, don’t blame me. more »»

Sometimes the good news is really overwhelming

January 17, 2010 Good news. Sierra Mueller’s brain surgery recovery is doing better than expected, from the doctor’s point of view. more »»



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