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Coffee chat might have gone to the Olympics

February 16, 2014 Vacations offer the chance to see and do all things new, but my favorite part of vacation put us in small-town cafes at breakfast. more »»

Watching ‘Little Women’ dredges up urge to publish

February 9, 2014 Some day I'll stop watching late-night movies and save the cost of extra boxes of tissues. The old movies channel is deep into its 31 Days of Oscar, so it's a good time to watch. more »»

Daughter’s visit pushes the idea of painting

February 2, 2014 Good news and bad news. My daughter was here; that's good. My daughter has gone home; that's bad. On the bright side, I'll get some sleep, and it's coming on trash day. more »»

Cold winter mornings can freeze almost anything

January 26, 2014 For an entire month after our wedding in January of 1970, the temperature in Wisconsin, where we lived, climbed no higher than 20 degrees below zero. more »»

Computers shouldn’t know better than the customer

January 19, 2014 It's a fantasy, that’s what it is. That belief in indestructibility is a fantasy. It starts when you’re a young punk watching television shows with old people in them. more »»

Memories include friends close enough to be family

January 12, 2014 When I was maybe 10 or 11, I remember silently putting my family in layers, my grandparents and their friends at the top, my parents and their friends next, then us kids. It seemed reasonable. more »»

Common sense is good, but never let it master you

January 5, 2014 For crying out loud. more »»

Good habits give life the meaning you seek

December 29, 2013 Here it is again. The end of a year. It should be a festive time with holdover happiness from Christmas and all that brings. more »»

Forgiveness, love, caring, sharing: ’tis the season

December 22, 2013 Father Time will mess with your head if you let him. Something will start rolling around in there, and pretty soon ol' F.T. steps up, wiggles his little finger and sends time spiraling out of control. more »»

There's more than one way to scratch a nose

December 15, 2013 If I went into nursing, I'd win some sort of prize because I have discovered how colds are transferred from one person to another without sneezing or wheezing or dripping or blowing. By phon. more »»

Early morning movies and Christmas magic

December 8, 2013 Dad always told me I could get barnacles on my behind by sitting around too much. What he knew of barnacles, I'll never know, but that's what he said. more »»

Celery crushing potato chips brings back memories

December 1, 2013 If you're new to the grocery store game and are sacking groceries, do not put a hard chunk of celery on top of potato chips. Just sayin. more »»

Unexpected gifts can be nice words or information

November 24, 2013 Unexpected gifts. That's what fate gives you when you need a hand. Not a hand like applause, but a hand to help you over a bump in your road. more »»

Thinking during travel can be all kinds of bad

November 17, 2013 Travel isn't all it's cracked up to be. When you're traveling alone, there's nothing to do but think. Eight hours of thinking can hurt your head. Still, on my way home from Springfield, Ill. more »»

Operation Christmas looking for donations

November 10, 2013 Some people clean windows each fall. Some clean kitchen cupboards. Some clean closets. Two of these tasks can do more good than you'll ever imagine. more »»

Czech Heritage Dinner is ‘a visiting time’

November 3, 2013 I have a rule. Maybe not so much a rule as an attempt to stretch my culinary imagination. Whenever I'm on a road trip, I want to eat any place I can't eat at home, if at all possible. more »»

Burned fingers don’t stop fun of togetherness

October 27, 2013 So, it's late in the early morning and I'm figuring bed sounds like a good idea, then that little voice in my head said no, read the paper instead. So I did. Then the voice said to figure out bills. more »»

She’s revved up for a rambling road trip

October 20, 2013 Wicked beer and the head lice. So what, you ask, is that? Don’t ask. I wouldn’t be able to tell you. more »»

Little green dots turn conversation to sugar cookies

October 13, 2013 Little green dots are a great invention for late-night Scrabble players. Those green dots mean the person whose name is next to it is on Facebook, and you can strike up a conversation. more »»

Those little-known facts can change your life

October 6, 2013 Life fills itself with little-known facts. For instance, you can feel smug about quoting playwright Eugene O'Neill, but if you don't know what you're saying, you lose the zing. more »»



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