It’s time to move forward

To the editor:

Last year taught me that there aren’t always do-overs. Sometimes there is no going back. The only choice is to move forward.

Over the last few days, that has brought many reflective thoughts. It seems that our country and world needs to reflect on the past and learn what can be done to make our lives and our neighbors lives better — and move forward.

It seems there is too much time spent trying to figure out who to blame for things that are not as hoped and not a collective goal to work toward. It’s difficult to think anyone in this country wants its citizens and residents to be unsafe. I can’t believe anyone wants people and families not to have somewhere safe to live and food to eat.

It would be a great service for our leaders to stop name-calling and bully tactics which, from an observer, seems to take place not only between parties but also within the same party. In nearly any school in this country, students are encouraged to get along with others and be team players; it’s time for our national leaders to start leading for the good of all and forget the pettiness and get-even tactics.

Sharon Hickey

Fort Dodge


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