Here’s to the Dodger Football community

To the editor:

Congratulations to the Dodger Football team on an incredible and successful season. We’re so proud of you!

That said, there is more worth saying about the Dodger Football community. Our son, Levi, had a season ending knee injury during the Marshalltown game. The support shown by fellow parents (I can’t begin to name them all), fans, coaches and teammates was immediate and continues to impress us. We had many personal phone calls while at the emergency room and too many texts to count, from people checking up on Levi and offering encouragement. The next day, Levi had visits at home from Coach Miller, Coach Moser and Coach Utley. Later that day, the living room was full (literally) of teammates and friends showing support.

Bre Drees, our FD athletic trainer, checked up more than once daily, had questions for the surgeon and continues to show amazing skill and caring in providing therapy for Levi. Katie Moser made the extra effort to get us connected with the best surgeon for the job. Eric Pratt covered the game and the injury with so much heart. Levi received personal cards and encouragement from former coach, Sam Moser, and from members of our CrossWay church family. Coach Miller has followed up many times to check up on doctor’s reports and to let us know Levi is still a part his team.

When we arrived at the playoff game against Dowling, Fort Dodge football fans were amazingly supportive. It was hard to see Levi on the sidelines with crutches and a brace, but he was made to feel like he was no less a part of the team. As he heads to surgery this week, our hearts are full and we are thankful for all the positive things we have seen through this unfortunate injury. The Dodger Football Community is remarkable and we are blessed to be a part of it.

The Egli Family

Melissa Egli

Fort Dodge