Backs Megan Srinivas

To the editor:

Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to step on anyone’s toes. However, I have an important message about making Fort Dodge an even better place to live: be an educated voter.

Megan Srinivas is running for the seat in the Iowa House of Representatives being vacated by Helen Miller. Megan went to Cooper Elementary, Fair Oaks and Phillips Middle Schools, and then graduated from FDSH in 2005. She grew up alongside my son. She credits her good education here for giving her many opportunities to further explore her world. While in high school, Megan was selected as a Borlaug-Ruan International Intern. She traveled to Kenya, learning to create much-needed policies that affect positive and far-reaching change. She went on to graduate from Harvard, and then the University of Iowa for her medical degree. Now she works right here at the Community Health Center. She is highly qualified to serve Webster County.

Megan is of and for Webster County and Iowa. She is brilliant and articulate. Not only does she have ideas, she knows how to make them a reality. She wants to work with both parties to bring us affordable health care, strong backing for education, better mental health access, and support for businesses that bring job opportunities and responsible growth to this area. She has collected data from studies and the successful implementation of programs in other states, as well as in Iowa. Currently, there are no other doctors in elected office in Iowa.

Over my 39-year career in education, I have always tried to impress upon students that our democracy is dependent on involved and educated masses. To cast a vote is a duty and an honor, and no one should take it lightly. Before voting, one should seek to know about each candidate’s background and strength of character, as well as what that candidate’s qualities and goals are

I have investigated both candidates thoroughly, and I strongly support Megan Srinivas. I urge the voters of Iowa House District 9 to join me.

Patty Zahm

Fort Dodge