Reacts to editorial

To the editor:

Your editorial of Aug. 7 concerning the Manafort trial and the Mueller investigation seems a little off point to me. It asks the question that since no direct link between President Trump and the Russians has been found yet “how long should the investigation continue?”

The investigation was started to look into foreign influence into our 2016 elections and was not pointed at one individual or administration. According to Business Insider and other sources easily fact checked, since beginning the investigation in May, Mueller’s team has “charged four Americans once ‘affiliated with Trump’s campaign or administration, 13 Russian nationals, 12 Russian intelligence officers, three Russian companies, and two other people.” There have also been, I believe five guilty pleas to date. It was also revealed on the sixth of this month, by both the president and his son, that the original Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents was attended by Don Jr. and Paul Manafort and was to receive political dirt on an opposition candidate and not to discuss Russian adoption, as our president has repeatedly claimed. It should also be mentioned that Mueller’s team was charged to prosecute anyone found to have broken U.S .laws while conducting the investigation into “election meddling.”

Knowing these facts; that foreign nationals did and evidently still are trying to affect our elections, and members of the Trump administration are known to have met with foreign nationals to obtain information that could have affected our 2016 election, Mr. Mueller’s investigation should be aloud to continue unimpeded.

Robert Allen

Fort Dodge