Opposes ‘factory farm’

To the editor:

As the famous Paul Revere once said, “The hogs are coming! The hogs are coming!” That may not be the exact quote… but if Paul Revere were alive today, living in Calhoun County, it’s exactly what he’d be saying.

Our community is being invaded by outside forces, again. This time, it’s Burr Oak Growers from Wisconsin. They want to build a 5,000-head factory farm one mile away from Lohrville. Apparently, the 1.6 million hogs they already own isn’t enough.

Get ready to buy nose plugs, folks, because the stench is on its way. This confinement will produce over 1.6 million gallons of manure annually. The same confinement that won’t be paying taxes on the building, while tearing up our roads. That will drop property values in the area. That will pollute our air, water and quality of life.

This factory farm would be a win for Burr Oak Growers and a loss for every member of this community. Enough is enough. The Board of Supervisors will be discussing the proposal Aug, 21 at 10:30 a.m. in the Calhoun County Courthouse. Show up and speak out to tell the county supervisors: Stop Burr Oak Growers LLC.

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Emma Schmit

Rockwell City