‘Don’t be discouraged’

To the editor:

Attention St. Edmond Gaels fans.

Don’t be discouraged by Friday’s loss to Panorama. We lost to a better team. They were bigger. more experienced, and had some talented players. We need to look at the positive things. Gaels entered this season with a squad small in size, small in numbers and lacking experience. Plus you have a new coach with a new system. In Coach Matt Dillon we have a coach with excellent experience and record (two state championships at Des Moines Dowling)

Here are the positives I saw: Only one turnover, they executed the offense with no fumbles, few penalties, only a couple offsides, three good running backs with speed – Sean Newell, Peyton Spangler and newcomer sophomore Sean Flattery. All had a couple of long runs. Coach found new hitters in Sean Flattery, Gage Johnson and safety Drew Schaeffer. If Gaels keep improving with experience, stay away from injuries, they have a good chance to end up with a winning season. Coach knows how to win with fundamentals, techniques, execution, strong running game, and tough defense.

Coach Dick Tighe

Fort Dodge