Remembers Gov. Ray fondly

To the editor:

The recent death of former Gov.Robert D. Ray brings back a memory for me. In 1970 I was serving with the U.S. Army in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. Some of the men I served with had decorated their area of the barracks with their state flag. I wrote a letter to then-Gov. Ray and told him about this and asked if he could send a flag to me for my area in the barracks. Within a couple weeks I received that flag.

Years later I attended a retirement party for former KIAO disc jockey Dic Youngs. At that party I had the opportunity to talk to Gov. Ray and thank him for the flag. His response was, “As a veteran, I should be thanking you.”

A number of years ago I came across that flag stored in my basement. I took it to the dry cleaners to have it cleaned up and then gave it to then-St. Edmond Athletic Director Joe Shanks and advised him that I would like it hung up in the gym with the American flag. As best as I know, the Iowa flag hanging in the St. Edmond gym is still the same flag that Gov. Ray sent to me when I was serving in Vietnam.

Charles A. Walker


Walker Law Office P.C.

Fort Dodge