Disapproves of Trump

To the editor:

It would be bad for one segment of our society to refuse services to the public it is OK for others to do just that.

While I would agree the tribalism that has taken over our country is not good for anyone, the tribalism can be directly relatable to the President of the United States. The way he talks about people who disagree with him and his administration points to lack of civility.

When he had his rally in Montana and criticized George H.W. Bush and John McCain shows what we have for a leader (shameful).

I have no doubt how this paper reports news is right-wing and sometimes radical but you have the right to have opinions. That is our right as subscribers to accept or reject your arguments. I choose to reject most of your editorials. So be it.

P.S. Fake news, most of it comes from the White House and Fox.

Merlyn Swanson

Lu Verne