An apology

To the editor:

On behalf of City High, our softball program and the community I want to apologize in the most sincere way for the shirts worn by members of our community while at the state softball tournament. We are embarrassed and ashamed at the derogatory phrase on the state shirts and I cannot stress enough the level of regret and shame that we feel over this. This is not reflective of the goals and aspirations of our athletic program or our softball team.

You have an absolutely terrific community. Fort Dodge is welcoming, warm, and lovely. In fact, I can honestly say that I have never even spoken with someone who has anything but positive and supportive things to say about the community. You have a tremendous history and very high quality present day.

It has been the goal of every girl on our team (and every girl in the state) to get to the state tournament in Fort Dodge since they were little children. We have not been to the state tournament in 17 years and we desperately wanted to return. In fact, the only thing that I have ever heard about the state softball tournament in Fort Dodge is that is one of the most well run, quality state competitions that we have. Our experience at the complex during the tourney would most definitely support that assertion. Fort Dodge provided our program with a truly first class experience.

Once the most troubling issue with the shirts was discovered, we immediately directed them not to be worn. We so sincerely regret that the shirts were ever created or worn at all. We apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

In closing, City High would like to express our deepest thanks and admiration to Fort Dodge and everyone who helped run the State Softball Tournament. We are in your debt. We hope to have the privilege and honor of returning to this most special event in the years to come, and when we do it will be with the utmost respect and appreciation of Fort Dodge, Iowa.

John Bacon

City High principal

Terry Coleman

City High athletic director

Iowa City