Wants a moratorium

To the editor:

I have lived in Hardy since 1999. I moved to the country with the great outdoors in mind — but boy was I wrong.

In the fall of 2014, I learned that two 2,500-head hog factories were being built just 2,559 feat east of my acreage. I was never asked or told anything about it – just that Hawker Farms II (one of Iowa Select’s many LLCs) was moving next door.

My home is becoming a prison due to the smell. Yardwork and sitting outside is no longer a joy — it has become a nightmare.

The amount of money that hzs been spent on Golden Malrin just to kill flies is outrageous.

My property value will be lower when I decide to sell the acreage.

I fear for my health and water contamination by the way this factory farm manure is being spread near me.

It’s already bad enough, but now, Iowa Select is putting up yet another hog factory south of me.

We get the pollution, while CEO Heff Hansen gets all the profits. These buildings are still sprouting up all over Iowa. This has got to stop. We need a moratorium.

Kathy Johnson