Opposes Steve King

To the editor:

I urge my fellow constituents to use better prudence when voting for our representative this term. As a politically-involved community member in other parts of our country, I have found myself ill at ease with far too many statements made by our currently elected represenativve in the U.S. House of Representatives. Steve King is rash, and irresponsible with his remarks on so many issues. This keeps happening, and we keep letting him. His words have resonated through the country, and I’m tired of explaining to people “that’s not how all Iowans are.” I’m tired of feeling embarrassed and ashamed to be from our district. I just, really feel we can do much better. Anyone is better at this point. I pray we find the decency within us to unify behind someone more representative of our collective decency. Because he really isn’t it.

Jeannie M. Dawson

Fort Dodge