Backs Scholten for Congress

To the editor:

It is time for a change in our representation in Congress. Steve King’s statements not only reflect poorly on him but on all Iowans.

And even if you look beyond what he says to what he does, the facts are that in 14 years in office he has not had one bill that has made it out of the House of Representatives. He has not helped our economy. Our district has the lowest median income and median home prices of any district in Iowa. And now he supports a president who plans to cut one-fifth of the Department of Agriculture budget and placed tariffs on pork and soybeans.

So if the voters are not supporting his contributions, could it possibly be that the voters in this district support the things he says? That thought is terrifying.

There is an excellent replacement out there. JD Scholten from Sioux City will be a representative we can be proud of. He will fight for Medicare for all and for lower prescription drug costs. He will strive for tax reform that benefits working class families. He will protect social security and Medicaid and get big money out of politics. And he will work to ensure that our farms are economically and environmentally thriving for the next generation.

Please vote for JD Scholten and bring a decent representative to the 4th District of Iowa. JD stands tall for all and he will make us proud.

Susan Schnirring

Sac City