Backs PPEL proposal

To the editor:

Study after study shows that in today’s world of economic development and business growth, where people live and their quality of life determines where they work or locate a business. Areas that offer good, stable communities and attractive amenities are where people and businesses want to be located.

One of the strongest amenities a community can offer is an outstanding school system that is able to adapt to changes in residents, support open enrollment growth, maintain outstanding facilities, plus bring in unique educational programs that benefit the students and residents. Currently, Manson Northwest Webster does a great job of doing all of the above, partially in thanks to its existing PPEL (physical plant and equipment levy) for the district.

On Tuesday voters in the MNW School District will be asked to cast their ballot to extend the existing PPEL for the district out to 2033. By doing so, the community will show its support for MNW to continue its ability to maintain and update facilities and transportation solutions now and into the future. Maintaining and extending this investment in the school district impacts the entire community and positions the school district for future growth and advancement as a regional leader in education.

And all of this without increasing the current property tax rate, which is already lower than many other surrounding community school districts.

Supporting education goes beyond just impacting the minds of our students — it extends to all of the events our community school districts host. Great facilities lead to hosting more events, which brings more visitors coming into our school facilities from outside areas, who then spend money in our communities by purchasing meals, stopping at convenience stores, or even visiting local shops.

I encourage you to vote “yes” on Tuesday and show your support for the MNW School District and your community.

Jill Heisterkamp

Executive Director

Calhoun County Economic Development Corp.