Wants action

To the editor:

A massive pork processing plant is going up south of Eagle Grove. They estimate processing 50,000-plus hogs a week. Prestage, from North Carolina, owns it and if you want to see what happened down there go to CAFOs and YouTube North Carolina and see the disaster. CAFOs grew so fast down there in the 1980s and 1990s that by 2007 a moratorium was called because scientific evidence showed environmental and health impacts were so bad. Do we want to get to that point?

Legislators have ignored more than a dozen bills introduced addressing regulation of CAFOs. The Master Matrix is an unbeatable set of rules that is so biased that one of the original authors even says it needs to be looked at and changed.

By refusing to even debate these bills they are failing to protect the public. Find a legislator or candidate who will listen and vote for them this fall. Don’t wait for a hog confinement to pop up next to you. Get informed before you can’t go outside because of the smell and flies and your water is polluted.

Dave Haynes