Disagrees with mayor

To the editor:

Sorry, Mayor Bemrich, I agree with the president of McGregors. The parking meters are hurting the downtown businesses. There are three factors at work in this equation. Number one is the parking meters. Number two is the bump-outs or whatever you call those things at the end of the streets. During the winter months, the plows can’t get close to the curb so the motorist is parking dangerously out in the street and the passengers have a terrible time getting to the sidewalk. Number three is the sidewalk itself. Those brick sidewalks are very slippery and dangerous to the pedestrians.

Mayor Bemrich also stated in the article there are several new businesses in the downtown area. A lot of them are located toward the east end of Central Ave and guess what, Mr. Mayor, no parking meters there. A word of advice, don’t install them.

Anyone that has had any dealings with government – city, state or federal – knows that once they get an idea in there heads, nothing is going to change it. To disagree with them is a waste of a person’s time.

There is a winner in this situation. I used to go to the courthouse and buy my license plate stickers, I don’t anymore. I mail it.

I used to go to the Messenger and renew my subscription, I don’t anymore. I mail it. And the winner is: The post office.

M. Paul

Fort Dodge