Will vote ‘yes’ on Tuesday

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, Iowa Central Community College is putting a $25.5 million bond referendum before the voters in nine counties in Iowa. Those nine counties that make up Iowa Central Community College include Buena Vista, Calhoun, Greene, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Sac, Webster and Wright Counties.

Under Iowa law before Iowa Central Community College can proceed with its planned improvement program it must first by secret ballot received a 60 percent or more affirmative vote. A simple majority vote is not sufficient.

A number of individuals from all nine counties have not only expressed their approval of the bond but encouraged others to do the same. I vote yes and encourage others to do the same.

Why am I voting “yes”? I did not reach this decision hastily. So that my wife and I might have a better understanding of present day college life, we decided to have our Sunday morning breakfast here at the Triton Cafe. There we could see firsthand those students that are here. We learned that those students come from all walks of life and from all parts of these United States. As an example Iowa Central Community College enrolls over 5,400 students each semester They serve over 3,700 students from the nine county service area, over 1,200 from other counties in the State of Iowa, and have over 450 students from other states. One impressive number is that they had 92 international students from 34 countries this past fall. One of the moreconvincing factors as far as I’m concerned is the number of high school students in our nine county area that are enrolled at Iowa Central Community College. Iowa Central enrolls around 1,600 high schools students each semester taking dual college credit course while they are still in high school. This can save a family around $6000.00 in college tuition. To my astonishment Iowa Central will have two to three high school students, each year, which will receive their Iowa Central degree before they receive their high school degree.

ICCC has through the tireless efforts of many emerged as an institution of learning that all of us can take pride. Its board of directors and the present president of the college, Dr. Dan Kinney, are doing their utmost to meet the needs, not only of today and those of tomorrow. As you stand in the center of the well-groomed grounds and look at the beautiful buildings that now grace the campus area you know that there are needed areas of improvement.

There can be no doubt when the young adults of our communities are ready for college cost is an important factor. The beauty of Iowa Central Community College and other community colleges in our state and nation is that students can enroll in a college close to their home and minimize the cost that their families otherwise would incur had they attended a four year college immediately after high school.

And in this respect there are any number of students who prefer to remain at or close to their home. Their ambition is to learn a trade to fulfill this desire. Iowa Central Community College has emerged as a leader in this respect by making a part of their programs in Welding, Truck Driving, Engineer Design Tech, Advance Manufacturing, Business, Health Care and many more certificates, diplomas, and degrees to support the local business and industry needs of the region. Iowa Central Community College is able to adjust its curriculum to meet the needs of today’s industries.

I ask only that you review all of the factors that are taking place here in our community college and our region.

When you do so I believe you will concur in voting “yes” on Tuesday.

Judge Albert Habhab

Fort Dodge