Plans to vote ‘no’

To the editor:

I believe the vote for the ICCC Bond issue should be “no.” No one rational can claim that no good things come out of ICCC, but on too many occasions our ICCC directors and administrators have been poor, or to be kind, not very good stewards of the our monies. The reporting and most letters in the Messenger has been promoting passage of the question, Rah! Rah!, but virtually nothing has been presented in factual, numerical terms on just how much money has been spent over the “50 years” and what we have to show for it all. For example, what is the budget for the fiscal year 2018? How much is it? And, how is it disbursed to different efforts or projects?

The photos of damage in the parking ramps is a good example of mismanagement. Every package of snowmelt containing salt carries the warning of damage to concrete. Salt on iron has long known to be very corrosive. Someone in ICCC administration is tasked with, and being probably well paid, to oversee the buildings and grounds. We taxpayers clearly deserve a refund here for work not performed properly. Better yet, let him pay for the restorations.

ICCC is expected to do things well, and most of us citizens willingly pay taxes to support most of its endeavors. ‘Empire building’ and ‘slush fund’ creation are not among those that I, or most people, are willing to support. The board virtually gave away the two dorms down by U.S. 20, and was then was paying to rent the rooms back within a relatively short time. Remember ex-President Donut Bob, who got us all that great national publicity about partying with the co-eds, and then left with his benefits intact? Get our money’s worth there?

We really need transparent reporting on what goes on at ICCC with our tax dollars. Until we get it, and some meaningful direction from the directors, I will not voluntarily contribute another dime through my taxes. No one else prudent should either. We, as citizens, have to live within our budgets; so should our public institutions. Part of my health insurance premiums will increase 16.3 percent next year. Do you think the public should send me $25 million out of tax revenue? I promise that I can dream up some really​ good projects to spend it on …

Roger D. Snell