To the editor:

When I turn on the various news channels or view the latest posting on You Tube it is obvious that mayhem and chaos are alive and well and in charge of the class reunion being held on America’s highways as a result of our government’s education system regarding the “limbo,” how-low-can-you-go level of training required to operate intrastate and interstate commerce.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that those insisting on mandates are more concerned about replacing artificial ingredients in a bowl of cereal, and insist on installing artificial intelligence, i.e. ELD’s, lane departures, and crash avoidance systems behind the wheels of a commercial vehicle? And are more than willing to accept mediocre as the highest grade level achievable to obtain a CDL.

To verify and clarify my above comments, I have personally driven for 43 years, 42 of the lower 48 states and 4 providence of Canada. Accomplishing 5 million safe miles in all seasons with a 98.9 percent on time delivery rating, never failed a CVSA inspection competed in our state truck driving championships and was awarded two seconds and one third-place finish. Two first-place finishes ad two second-place in the truck show at the Iowa 80 Walcott Truckers Jamboree. I received Trucker Buddy of the month in October 2008 and ultimately the Trucker Buddy Gary King Award in 2017. One United States patent, 32 years of marriage. A son with a career in the military. But our most admirable achievement in the trucking industry is the admiration of the motorist whom we shared our lifestyle with and a commitment to safety in their presence on the highway. A commitment not mandated, but mentored by those who went before me. Respect will always be earned, and in my presence can never be mandated.

Albert Hemerson

Gilmore City