Lauds progress in FD

To the editor:

When looking up while on my approach to the downtown roundabouts in my aged Caddie, I realize what a great transition from a boring visualization that existed before the improvements were made. Our community leaders have given us the best shot to leverage non-tax dollars to complete these improvements. Less than 18 percent of the cost of the improvements came from the city of Fort Dodge. What a great way to recover funds from other sources, while not having to scramble to look for local tax dollars.

Fort Dodge certainly does not lag other cities when aiming to draw upon all sources of funding that impact our city. If we want to be an eagle we can’t fly like little birdies.

To touch on another comment about driving around the roundabouts: a takeaway about tempo and timing are greatly increased when those exiting the roundabout use their right turn signal. This gives those the best shot not to scramble as they enter the roundabout, nor will they need to steer to press in between cars.

Don Woodruff, DBIA


Woodruff Construction LLC

Fort Dodge