It’s time to rethink priorities

To the editor:

When our children are being killed in droves by guns, it is time to rethink our priorities. I fail to understand how or why owning a gun is a right, but driving a car is a privilege; owning a gun is a right, but healthcare is a privilege; owning a gun is a right, yet apparently being safe in school is a privilege. Of course everyone’s favorite argument is “If you take away guns, then only criminals will have them. Just look at Chicago!” Yes … Look at Chicago. There is very little a single city can do on its own when it is surrounded by states and a nation who believe that owning a gun is an inalienable right, no matter ones background, mental health status, or affiliations.

So perhaps we should compare apples to apples. Look at every other developed nation in the world. Look in Europe, Japan and Australia. They all have strict gun laws, and they do not have mass shootings. They don’t have politicians who are bought and paid for by the NRA, among other special interest lobbies.

Am I saying it’s only a gun problem? Hell no, that would be a vast oversimplification. We have other issues as well. Mental health is a contributing factor along the use of psychotropic drugs in young people (almost all American mass shooters have this in common). However, many of the countries listed above have the same mental health problems, but not the mass shootings. Why? Because they don’t make guns, especially those capable of doing massive amounts of damage in seconds, available to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wants one.

It’s time to rethink your priorities, America.

Sarah Hansen

Fort Dodge