Iowa Central says ‘thanks’

To the editor:

On behalf of the Iowa Central Board of Trustees and the administration, we want to extend a heart-filled thank you to everyone in our nine-county area who came out in support of our recent bond referendum. The confidence you have shown in Iowa Central Community College with your support will not be taken lightly. We truly appreciate the investment that you have willingly made in Iowa Central and we want to ensure each one of you that we will be good stewards of your monies.

When one begins to thank individuals for their hard work and dedication to a project such as this it is inevitable that someone who should be recognized is left out. Therefore, a global thanks is usually in order. In this case, however, we do want to thank Judge Albert Habhab for his work and dedication to the referendum. At 93 years of age, Judge Habhab stepped forward and volunteered to be the face and the voice of our campaign. He has been a community leader in Fort Dodge all of his adult life and was present 51 years ago when the ground was broken on the Iowa Central campus. There is no bigger public servant or cheer leader not only for Iowa Central but for our entire region than Judge Habhab. Judge has always been willing to give of his time, talents and treasure without the expectation of recognition.

We would be remiss if we failed to acknowledge our staff, faculty and students not only for their hard work and support of the referendum, but more importantly, their dedication to making Iowa Central the great institution it is. The improvements that will result from the referendum will help transform Iowa Central in many aspects, from brick and mortar to security. It is the people however, that truly make an institution great. We feel very fortunate to have the best faculty, staff and students of any community college.

Encouraging dreams and building opportunities.

Mark Crimmins


Board of Trustees

Dr. Dan Kinney


Iowa Central

Community College

Fort Dodge