Will vote yes for Iowa Central

To the editor:

The phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats” resonates with me in the upcoming Iowa Central bond referendum. I will be voting in favor of the referendum and strongly encourage area voters to do the same. There are a multitude of reasons your support is warranted, with the future economic vitality of our region of foremost importance.

I cannot think of one organization in our area that does more to support job training and assist with job creation that Iowa Central. Ask any business leader to name the top challenges facing their business and nearly all of them will include workforce development. The partnership between Iowa Central and business and industry not only trains the workers of today and tomorrow, it also makes our region a more attractive place to do business for current and prospective employers looking to grow their employment base with skilled workers.

Iowa Central makes the reality of a college education possible for most everyone. As we all know, the cost of post-secondary education is ballooning each year at our universities. This makes it harder for low- to moderate-income families to acquire a four-year degree and puts it out of financial reach for far too many. Iowa Central is the most affordable option for those trying to get a start on their college education and keep the dream for many within reach.

Additionally, Iowa Central allows many area high school students the opportunity to take advance placement courses for college credit. The tuition credits for these students translates into thousands of dollars saved and gives them a head start on earning their four-year degree. For those more interested in vocational and technical training, there is no better place to start than Iowa Central. This training leads to good paying jobs that stay right in our area.

I sincerely hope the voters look to the big picture and recognize that Iowa Central needs our support and we need Iowa Central to continue to lead in the areas education and job training. Please vote yes!

Kirk Yung

Fort Dodge