Supports Iowa Central

To the editor:

Please, for a moment let’s reflect on the history of Iowa Central Community College. Over 50 years ago Dr. Edwin Barbour was selected to be the first superintendent of the newly formed Iowa Central Community College. It was a fraction of what Iowa Central is today.

I attended the college from the fall of 1969 to the spring of 1971 and attended classes in the newly constructed Science and Library buildings and in many temporary metal buildings.

I look back on this time to impress on all of us the progress that has been made over the past 50-plus years. This has been the result of sacrifices and financial contributions from the area served by Iowa Central.

To continue to maintain Iowa Central’s excellence in education we need to make a small financial contribution by voting yes on Feb. 6 for the bond issue.

Iowa Central plays such a vital role in preparing young adults for life-long careers and to train older adults for much needed jobs in our workplace.

Please join me in voting yes for the Iowa Central Community College bond issue on Feb. 6.

Bruce Shimkat

Fort Dodge