Questions need for bond referendum

To the editor:

There are some peculiar elements to the effort to ensure the passage of the ICCC bond issue, in addition to the usual biases of the money interest in Fort Dodge. For example, if one political party were to set up special voting places for those most likely to vote their way, the other party would certainly claim fraud, and that would be ethically correct, whatever the legalities might be. It also seems odd to picture the sad state of maintenance as a reason for anything other than an indictment of the lack of foresight by the administration. Why do they need more if they won’t take care of what they have?

Some things ICCC does well. Athletics bring in fine coaches and frequently good student athletes. The fine arts programs similarly get fine teachers who develop excellent student performers. It would be nice to think the same concern is given to academic areas, but there isn’t much evidence to support that. It isn’t “showy” enough.

Vote however you wish, based on whatever evidence you can glean.

Larry Handy

Fort Dodge